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Optical spectrum analyser targets medical devices

17th February 2016
Mick Elliott

The AQ6376 Optical Spectrum Analyser (OSA) from Yokogawa is claimed to set a new ‘world standard’ for grating-based OSA capabilities in measuring signals with a wavelength beyond 3µm, designed to operate in the short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) as well as in the mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) regions.

The new analyser covers wavelengths from 1500 to 3400nm. It uses an advanced monochromator design that helps to separate spectral signals in close proximity to one another, and improves the dynamic range by reducing the influence of stray light.

The AQ6376 is aimed specifically at the needs of academic researchers and optical device manufacturers with their own in-company laboratories, active in environmental monitoring and bio/medical industries.

It marks a breakthrough in performance, ease of use and price, minimising the size and setup time of the system, and being much less expensive than most alternative tailor-made systems it therefore delivers the best price/performance ratio of any OSA on the market.

Launched globally to coincide with the SPIE Photonics West show in San Francisco, the AQ6376 is available immediately in Europe. It can handle wavelengths of up to 3.4µm and offers high measurement speeds of up to 0.5sec/100 nm, simple set-up (the self-calibration procedure takes less-than 2 minutes) and easy operational features.

These include a data-logging function for recording analysis results such as multi-peak measurements at up to 10,000 points per channel with time stamps which can be displayed in table and graphical formats, storage of the optical spectrum of each measurement for reviewing and troubleshooting, and a Windows file sharing function in addition to Ethernet/GPIB and USB interfaces for transfer of data.

The AQ6376 is designed for measurement in many different application areas of photonic technology such as environmental monitoring for air pollution analysis, Infra-Red (IR) spectroscopy, scientific and medical diagnostics, and the nonlinear super continuum light generation.

It will therefore enable manufacturers of light sources or passive optical components to save development time and further improve the measurement precision of their devices.

The AQ6376 has been developed for research applications such as: fluorescence spectroscopy, absorption spectroscopy, NIR spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, MALDI (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionisation), confocal laser scanning microscopy. laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and laser surgery

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