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Test & Measurement
7th February 2023
Yokogawa power analyser used to build higher efficiency motor drives

Variable speed drives already offer users substantial power savings, as they reduce the power input when driving motors at less than the maximum rated load.

4th August 2022
Yokogawa launches optical spectrum analyzers

Yokogawa has launched two optical spectrum analysers (OSAs) to fulfil market demands for an instrument capable of measuring a wide range of wavelengths to meet new needs in optical product development and manufacturing.

Test & Measurement
30th June 2022
Yokogawa’s power analysis helps Solar Team Twente get its car to first place in Morocco

Yokogawa announces that its WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer has been used by Solar Team Twente to win the first ever Solar Challenge Morocco.

Test & Measurement
18th May 2022
Yokogawa’s most accurate power analyser

The WT5000 Precision Power Analyser - Transformer Version offers 0.008% accuracy and achieves the highest possible accuracy at power factors as low as 0.001

Test & Measurement
16th November 2021
Flash acquisition capability upgrades ScopeCorder

Yokogawa Test & Measurement has enhanced its latest DL950 ScopeCorder with improved data acquisition capabilities and added firmware updatable features.

Test & Measurement
16th September 2021
Yokogawa unveils 5 picometer optical spectrum analyser

Next generation optical performance is the introduction Yokogawa gave to its optical spectrum analyser (OSA).

Test & Measurement
25th June 2021
Yokogawa launches new AC energy calibration service

Yokogawa launched a new AC energy calibration service. The launch of the new service follows Yokogawa’s accreditation (K164) to ISO17025, allowing the calibration of AC energy measuring devices at up to 40 MWh at a maximum time of 1,000 hours.

Test & Measurement
23rd June 2021
Yokogawa launches AC energy calibration service

Yokogawa has strengthened its position in calibration by launching a new AC energy calibration service.

Test & Measurement
13th April 2021
Current sensor element, firmware upgrade power analyser

Yokogawa has launched a new Current Sensor Element and upgraded the firmware for its WT5000 Precision Power Analyser.

12th April 2021
DL950 ScopeCorder puts developers on the path to greener power

  Sustainable energy means that industry is developing renewable, energy-efficient power technologies which need to be tested, measured and maintained to optimise performance and operating costs. Combining an oscilloscope and recorder in a single unit can provide a versatile, reliable solution for measurement and analysis

22nd March 2021
New Webinar: How to Evaluate Electrical and Mechanical Behaviour in One System

Engineers are required to increase efficiency to minimize energy losses while also challenged to optimize design performance.Join Yokogawa on the 30th of March as they introduce the latest High Speed Data Acquisition technology and new Integrated Software Solution. You’ll learn how these solutions enable engineers to progress to the next step – from R&D through to Production to Deployment.

16th March 2021
Take your high speed data acquisition to the next level

Do you need the high speed sampling of an oscilloscope and the data capacity of a recorder? Would you like to see measurement data from all your instruments on one screen?

News & Analysis
9th February 2021
Yokogawa ushers in new generation of ScopeCorder

The fourth generation of its ScopeCorder family of portable multi-channel data-acquisition recorders has been unveiled by Yokogawa Test & Measurement.

Test & Measurement
9th February 2021
Multiple measurements on one software platform

Data from several test instruments can now be shown on the same screen using Yokogawa Test & Measurement’s newly-introduced integrated software platform.  

Test & Measurement
26th November 2020
Oscilloscope probes meet trend for higher voltages

Yokogawa has launched a new range of high frequency, high voltage differential oscilloscope probes, combining proven features of its existing probes with new capabilities.

News & Analysis
15th October 2020
Yokogawa calibration lab meets ISO 17025 2017 standard

Yokogawa’s European Calibration Laboratory has achieved accreditation to the latest revision of ISO 17025:2017 standard for power measurements at up to 100 kHz.  

Test & Measurement
17th September 2020
Affordable OTDR covers SMF and MMF networks

A dual-purpose OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) for both single-mode fibre (SMF) and multi-mode fibre (MMF) networks has been introduced by Yokogawa.

Test & Measurement
1st September 2020
MSO boasts four or eight analogue inputs

The DLM5000 is a new generation mixed signal oscilloscope from Yokogawa with options for four or eight analogue inputs.

23rd July 2020
Enhanced optical sensor modules offer wider power range

Yokogawa is launching new, more capable versions of its AQ2200 optical sensor modules. The AQ2200-212 is a single channel module, complete with an analogue output port, while the AQ2200-222 offers two channels.

T&M and Monitoring
17th July 2020
Power analyser plays key role for transformer supplier

By using the Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyser, Società Elettromeccanica Arzignanese (SEA), an Italian manufacturer of power transformer and reactors is able to closely match the efficiency performance guarantee that it makes to a customer, with the actual performance of the transformer.

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