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News & Analysis
9th February 2021
Yokogawa ushers in new generation of ScopeCorder

The fourth generation of its ScopeCorder family of portable multi-channel data-acquisition recorders has been unveiled by Yokogawa Test & Measurement.

Test & Measurement
9th February 2021
Multiple measurements on one software platform

Data from several test instruments can now be shown on the same screen using Yokogawa Test & Measurement’s newly-introduced integrated software platform.  

Test & Measurement
26th November 2020
Oscilloscope probes meet trend for higher voltages

Yokogawa has launched a new range of high frequency, high voltage differential oscilloscope probes, combining proven features of its existing probes with new capabilities.

News & Analysis
15th October 2020
Yokogawa calibration lab meets ISO 17025 2017 standard

Yokogawa’s European Calibration Laboratory has achieved accreditation to the latest revision of ISO 17025:2017 standard for power measurements at up to 100 kHz.  

Test & Measurement
17th September 2020
Affordable OTDR covers SMF and MMF networks

A dual-purpose OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) for both single-mode fibre (SMF) and multi-mode fibre (MMF) networks has been introduced by Yokogawa.

Test & Measurement
1st September 2020
MSO boasts four or eight analogue inputs

The DLM5000 is a new generation mixed signal oscilloscope from Yokogawa with options for four or eight analogue inputs.

23rd July 2020
Enhanced optical sensor modules offer wider power range

Yokogawa is launching new, more capable versions of its AQ2200 optical sensor modules. The AQ2200-212 is a single channel module, complete with an analogue output port, while the AQ2200-222 offers two channels.

T&M and Monitoring
17th July 2020
Power analyser plays key role for transformer supplier

By using the Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyser, Società Elettromeccanica Arzignanese (SEA), an Italian manufacturer of power transformer and reactors is able to closely match the efficiency performance guarantee that it makes to a customer, with the actual performance of the transformer.

T&M and Monitoring
1st April 2020
Manometer delivers precision pressure measurement

The adoption of pressure sensors in consumer goods and wearables, and their increasing use in industries such as automotive and medical, has led to the need for higher levels of precision pressure measurement for their development and calibration. To meet these requirements Yokogawa has launched the MT300 manometer.    

Test & Measurement
24th March 2020
Waveform data streaming for precision power analyzer

Yokogawa has released two new options and implemented a firmware upgrade for its WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer. The enhancements are designed to help companies improve performance when developing or evaluating electronic devices such as EV-related equipment or systems for solar and wind power installations.

Test & Measurement
23rd January 2020
Optical spectrum analyser allows side mode analysis of MWIR lasers

A wide band Optical Spectrum Analyser (OSA) that is claimed to unlock new possibilities for environmental sensing and medical applications has been released by Yokogawa. The AQ6377 allows side mode analysis of MWIR lasers.

Test & Measurement
26th April 2019
Matching test tools to the application

  Today, there is an increasing need to measure behaviour with electrical and physical parameters of applied power electronics, says Kelvin Hagebeuk, Yokogawa Europe

Test & Measurement
28th February 2019
OTDR enables rapid testing of PON access networks

The AQ1210 OTDR (Optical-Time Domain Reflectometer) from Yokogawa only resembles the existing AQ1200 in appearance - internally it has been completely re-engineered to bring the features and user-friendly operation of the AQ7280 flagship OTDR to the installers and testers of Passive Optical Networks (PON) and Fibre To The Antenna (FTTA).

Test & Measurement
15th November 2018
Hardware redesign enhances oscilloscope capabilities

electronica 2018 hosted the debut of Yokogawa’s DLM3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes. They feature the look and feel and small footprint of the earlier DLM2000 Series but with a complete hardware redesign with higher measurement speed and precision plus an intuitive touchscreen display for enhanced ease of use and improved productivity.

10th November 2018
A new platform for precision power measurement

  In rapidly evolving industry sectors like renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy-efficient technologies, the need for reliability in testing to enhance safety, efficiency and performance has never been greater, says Anoop Gangadharan, Yokogawa Europe

Test & Measurement
24th October 2018
Mixed-signal scope adds precision and productivity

The DLM3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series from Yokogawa features the “look and feel” and small footprint of the earlier DLM2000 Series but with a complete hardware redesign which brings higher measurement speed and precision plus an intuitive touchscreen display for enhanced ease of use and improved productivity.

Test & Measurement
21st September 2018
Power analyser boasts ± 0.03% measurement accuracy

The Yokogawa WT5000 is the first of a new generation of Precision Power Analysers that offers exceptional measurement accuracy of ± 0.03% combined with stability, noise immunity and plug-in modular flexibility to meet the measurement needs of today’s developers of energy-efficient systems.

Test & Measurement
31st August 2018
Testing tomorrow’s energy grids: taking the long view

In the rapidly evolving alternative energy sector, the need for reliability in testing to enhance safety, efficiency and performance has never been greater. This contrasts with the situation in the past, where it might have sufficed to take a short-term view on evolving standards and changing user requirements. In this article Anoop Gangadharan, Product Marketing Manager, Yokogawa Europe explores the future of energy.

16th July 2018
Smartening up the grid: challenges for testing technologies

As the world makes the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the impact on existing energy infrastructures is significant. New developments such as renewable energy power stations, energy-positive buildings and infrastructures mean that electricity no longer has a unidirectional flow from power stations to consumers. In addition, as local energy generation and private storage facilities increase, there are greater demands on the grid ...

Test & Measurement
18th April 2018
CAN FD monitoring module supports higher speed testing

A CAN FD monitoring module has been introduced by Yokogawa for its ScopeCorder family of portable data-acquisition and recording instruments. The 720242 plug-in module is compatible with the DL850EV (Vehicle Edition) instrument and the DL350 ScopeCorder fitted with the /VE option.

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