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Test & Measurement
10th July 2009
Yokogawa - Power meters certified for testing standby power to new IEC 62301 standard

The Yokogawa WT3000-2A and WT210 digital power meters are now certified to carry out the standby power tests specified in the new IEC 62301 standard, which defines the standby mode as the lowest consumption of an appliance not performing its main function, when connected to the mains.

Test & Measurement
18th May 2009
Yokogawa launches website for test & measurement products

Yokogawa has launched a dedicated web site for its ranges of test & measurement products. The new site gives full details of the company’s ranges of oscilloscopes, data-acquisition systems, digital power meters, signal sources, and optical and wireless communications test equipment.

Test & Measurement
7th May 2009
Power meter complies with latest obligatory EN standards on harmonics testing

The Yokogawa WT3000 digital power analyser equipped with IEC harmonics testing software complies with the latest EN standard on harmonics testing: EN61000-3-2:2006. IEC Standard 61000-4-7 Ed. 2, which is now obligatory as the test method for harmonics testing, specifies that the test instrument must be able to accept current input signals with a crest factor (peak current divided by RMS current) of at least 4 for inputs up to 5 A RMS, 3.5 for inp...

Test & Measurement
21st April 2009
Handheld multimeters for field maintenance applications

The Yokogawa TY500 Series is a new range of general-purpose handheld digital multimeters which combine reliability, ease of use and safety for use in field maintenance applications. Featuring a basic accuracy of 0.09% and a 3.5-digit 6000-count backlit display with a 31-segment bar graph, the TY500 Series includes true RMS measurements as standard, along with functions such as thermocouple temperature measurement, low-pass filtering and optional ...

Test & Measurement
24th March 2009
New models expand applications for OTDR family

Six models have been added to the Yokogawa AQ7275 Series of optical time-domain reflectometers, extending its range of applications to cover virtually all metro, access and core networks as well as fibre to the home and passive optical networks.

Test & Measurement
6th March 2009
Software adds new functionality to Yokogawa's PC-based data-acquisition system

New acquisition and utility software has been introduced to add additional functionality and ease of use to the Yokogawa SL1000 PC-based data-acquisition system. Extra functionality provided by the software includes the ability to link and synchronise multiple SL1000 units, new triggering and display capabilities, support for the Windows Vista operating system, waveform interpolation and CSV file conversion. In addition, improved user friendlines...

Test & Measurement
24th February 2009
Yokogawa completes package for automotive bus testing

With the launch of the new DLM2000 mixed-signal oscilloscope, Yokogawa Europe is now able to offer a complete package of test & measurement solutions for analysing the serial bus systems that are increasingly being used in the automotive sector.

Test & Measurement
12th January 2009
Digital multimeters from Yokogawa

The Yokogawa TY700 Series is a range of handheld digital multimeters which combine high accuracy, performance and reliability with a range of new functions for both electronics and general industrial applications.

Test & Measurement
17th December 2008
Curve tracer for parametric testing of high-speed devices

A high-speed, high-accuracy real-time V/I curve tracer that is ideally suited to carrying out DC parametric testing on semiconductor and optoelectronic devices has been introduced by Yokogawa Europe. The new compact, lightweight unit consists of the Yokogawa GS820 multichannel source measure unit and the 765670 curve tracer software, which runs on a PC connected to the GS820 via a USB link.

Test & Measurement
4th November 2008
Yokogawa releases new DXAdvanced R3 data-acquisition and display station for networks

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the release of the DXAdvanced R3 data-acquisition and display station for networks: an enhanced version of the Daqstation series of paperless recorders.

Test & Measurement
25th July 2008
Benchtop power analyser from Yokogawa

The Yokogawa WT500 is a compact benchtop power analyser which can carry out DC or single- and three-phase AC measurements at voltages of up to 1000 V and currents up to 40 A. With a basic voltage, current and power accuracy of ±0.2% and a frequency range of DC and 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz, the new instrument features a 5.7-inch colour LCD display for showing numerical, waveform and harmonic data. Extensive harmonic measurement capabilities are also ava...

Test & Measurement
15th May 2008
Optical transport analyser for 40 Gbit/s SONET/SDH and 43/44 Gbit/s OTN transmission testing

The new Yokogawa NX4000 is a transport analyser for the testing of 40 Gbit/s SONET/SDH and 43/44 Gbit/s OTN optical communication systems. With optical line rates now being deployed at 40 Gbit/s and faster, many manufacturers are starting to ramp up their own 40G+ designs for Next Generation Networks (NGNs), and growth in this segment of optical communications is quickly rising.

Test & Measurement
6th May 2008
High-frequency differential probe for vehicle serial buses

The new Yokogawa PBDH1000 is a high-frequency differential probe designed to meet the challenges involved in the development and testing of in-vehicle buses such as CAN and FlexRay. The new probe, which is intended for use with the Yokogawa DL9000 Series of oscilloscopes or the SB5000 range of serial bus analysers, has a frequency bandwidth of DC to 1 GHz (-3dB or more), an attenuation ratio of 50:1 and a DC accuracy within ±2%.

Test & Measurement
23rd April 2008
PC-based data-acquisition system is easy to use

The Yokogawa SL1000 is a PC-based data-acquisition unit designed to provide high-speed data logging and fast data transfer in electro-mechanical and power measurement applications. Featuring 100 MS/s sampling on 16 channels and isolated inputs for high-voltage measurements, the SL1000 is also equipped as standard with intuitive, easy-to-use logging and control software for quick start and set-up.

Test & Measurement
27th March 2008
European calibration service for high-frequency AC power measurements

A new calibration service for high-frequency AC power measurements is now being offered by Yokogawa Europe through its Calibration Centre in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Based on the development of Yokogawa’s WT3000 precision power analyser the Yokogawa Europe calibration service offers power calibration at DC and AC from 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz. This calibration is traceable to international standards by the accredited NMi (Nederlands Meetinstituut)...

4th February 2008
Communication interface for industrial recorders and data-acquisition equipment passes ODVA's conformance test

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced that its recently developed EtherNet/IP compatible communication interface for industrial recorders and data-acquisition equipment has passed the ODVA conformance test - a first in this field. Based on the EtherNet/IP protocol that is gaining acceptance as an industry standard, this interface eliminates the need for dedicated software to connect data-acquisition equipment with other devices such as pro...

Test & Measurement
13th December 2007
Vehicle serial bus analyser performs waveform measurement and protocol analysis

The Yokogawa SB5000 is a new oscilloscope-based serial bus analyser focused on in-vehicle serial bus protocols including FlexRay, CAN and LIN as well as providing UART, I2C and SPI trigger and analysis capabilities. The new instrument allows users to perform protocol analysis and physical layer waveform measurements simultaneously, offering the capability to debug and troubleshoot bus problems due to noise, signal quality, timing and data errors....

Test & Measurement
7th November 2007
Mobile phone tester enhanced by TD-SCDMA test option

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed a test software option for the VC3300 wireless communication tester that supports the TD-SCDMA third generation (3G) mobile telecommunications system now being considered for commercialisation in China. Shipment of this software option will commence at the end of December.

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