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Multifunction bench multimeters feature 6.5-digit precision

18th June 2007
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Now available from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments), the Fluke 8845A and 8846A are high-precision (6.5-digit) dual-display multimeters offering a wide range of functions for benchtop or system applications.
A total of 14 measurement functions include voltage, current and resistance with a basic DC voltage accuracy of up to 0.0024%, a current range from 100 micro amps to up to 10 A with 100 pA resolution, and a wide resistance range from 10 ohms to 1 gigohm with 100 microhms resolution. The 8845A and 8846A can also measure capacitance, period and frequency, while the 8846A also offers temperature measurement. Reading rates are greater than 1000 readings per second.

The multimeters feature a unique dual display that allows two different parameters of the same signal to be measured from one test connection. A number of graphical display modes are available including the Trendplot(TM) paperless recorder mode, mathematics and analysis modes, and statistical and histogram displays.

The 8845A and 8846A meters can be incorporated easily into an automated test system. They can emulate several legacy bench DMMs, allowing them to be substituted easily into existing systems. SCPI compatibility and drivers allow them to work with most available application and development languages.

Front and rear inputs allow easy connections whether the meter is rack-mounted or used on a bench. Multiple interfaces provide compatibility to existing and new standards. Serial, IEEE-488 and Ethernet are fitted as standard on both models. A USB device port is included on the 8846A meter for convenient data transfer to and from a PC via a portable USB storage device.

The instruments meet CAT I 1000 V and CAT II 600 V safety standards.

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