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TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) is a leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments. These products are sold throughout the world via carefully selected distributors and agents in each country.

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30th May 2016
AC/DC power platform packs 1500VA in 1U height package

An initial AC and DC power platform launch from AMETEK is for its California Instruments AsterionTM AC Power Source, available in 500VA, 750VA and 1500VA power levels. It is available from TTi. The Asterion offers up to 1500VA in a 1U height package. At its heart is AMETEK’s powerful new iX2 current-doubling technology.

Test & Measurement
19th April 2016
USB-based spectrum analysers raise price/performance bar

The new RSA500 and RSA600 series of analysers from Tektronix, available at Ttid, offer frequency coverage from 9 kHz up to 7.5 GHz with 40 MHz acquisition bandwidth, a measurement dynamic range from -161 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level, and up to +30 dBm maximum input.

Test & Measurement
19th April 2016
Power analyser tests to latest standards

The PA3000, a 1- to 4-channel AC/DC power analyser from Tektronix optimised for testing single- and multi-phase, high efficiency AC-DC and DC-AC power supply designs is available from TTid. The analyser offers 10 milliwatt standby power measurement capabilities and a 1MHz bandwidth with mid-range pricing.

Test & Measurement
7th January 2013
Low-cost Frequency Counter extends to 6GHz

Aim-TTi has added a 6GHz version of their best selling TF900 series of bench/portable frequency counters. The TF960 has a TCXO timebase, can measure and count between 0.001Hz and 6000MHz, and incorporates a USB control interface. The TF960 can measure frequency, period, pulse width, duty cycle and frequency ratio, as well as event counting (totalise).

21st October 2011
Laboratory power supply offers flexible 1.2 kW output

Aim-TTi has introduced a lower-cost version of the company’s best-selling QPX1200 series laboratory power supply. The new model is designated QPX1200S and is intended for applications where digital remote control is not needed.

Test & Measurement
1st September 2011
New type of probe measures current in PCB tracks directly

Aim-TTi has launched an entirely new type of current probe which is cable of measuring currents in PCB tracks. The Aim I-prober 520 positional current probe uses a patented technology to observe and measure current without the need to break or surround the conductor.

Test & Measurement
17th May 2011
Faster hipot testing with enhanced safety

The new Vitrek 950i Series of hipot (high-potential) testers incorporates advanced DSP technology to enhance the speed of testing as well as adding a number of new capabilities.

Test & Measurement
4th May 2011
6 GHz RF signal generator hits new price point

Aim-TTi has launched a new 6 GHz RF signal generator which is priced at less than half that of the lowest cost 6 GHz generators available previously.

Test & Measurement
8th April 2011
Low-cost 3 GHz frequency counter has TCXO timebase

The TF930 3 GHz low-cost universal frequency counter from Aim-TTi now incorporates a TCXO (temperature-controlled crystal oscillator) timebase, giving it a stability within ±1 ppm over its full operating temperature range, combined with a low aging rate. The UK price is £251 (plus VAT).

Test & Measurement
31st March 2011
Precision power analyser combines accuracy with wideband performance

TTid has been appointed by N4L to provide distributor support in the UK for the new PPA1500 Series of power analysers. The PPA1500 has been introduced to meet the increasing demand for smaller and more efficient products. This push for greater efficiency has resulted in the development of power conversion techniques of ever-increasing frequency, and with these new techniques comes the need for power measurement instruments with superior wideband ...

28th February 2011
Higher voltage power-supply units have full remote interfaces

The new PLH-P series from Aim-TTi are higher voltage linear regulated laboratory power supplies fitted with a wide range of remote control interfaces.

Test & Measurement
10th February 2011
Arbitrary function generator offers 50 MHz frequency range plus GPIB interface

The new TG5011G from Aim-TTi is a combined function/arbitrary/pulse generator with a frequency range covering 1 µHz to 50 MHz. The new model has a GPIB interface in addition to the USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces of the standard model.

28th January 2011
High density programmable power supply has very low noise

Sorensen has extended the DLM600 series of high-density programmable DC power supplies to cover voltages up to 300 V and currents up to 75 A. The DLM600 provides up to 600 W of power with unusually low levels of both differential and common-mode noise.

5th January 2011
Dual 600 W power supply offers outputs of 80 V and 50 A

The new QPX600D from Aim-TTi is a dual-output 1.2 kW power supply using the company’s latest PowerFlex+ regulation technology to provide up to 80 V or up to 50 A on each 600 W output. Whereas a conventional power-supply unit has a fixed current limit giving a power capability that decreases directly in proportion with the output voltage, the PowerFlex+ design of the QPX600D enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an o...

Test & Measurement
30th November 2010
Data-acquisition cards provide market-leading ENOB performance

The new GaGe CS1250X is a range of 12-bit single- and two-channel 500 MS/s digitiser cards with 350 MHz of input analogue bandwidth. Designed for high-speed data-acquisition applications, the new cards provide the highest available ENOB (effective number of bits) performance at high signal frequencies that is available on the market.

Test & Measurement
5th October 2010
Mains and harmonics compliance analyser updated for Class C lighting equipment tests

The TTi HA1600A mains and harmonics analyser has been updated to include a full implementation of the two alternative special assessments for Class C Discharge Lighting equipment below 25 W, as specified in EN61000-3-2.

13th August 2010
PowerFlex 840 W dual power supply adds flexible interfaces

The new CPX400DP is the latest in the CPX series of PowerFlex regulated power-supply units from TTi, and is the first to incorporate digital remote control interfaces.

Test & Measurement
26th July 2010
Pulse and arbitrary function generator runs to 25 MHz

TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) has launched a lower-cost version of the best-selling TG5011 function/arbitrary/pulse generator. The new TG2511 has a maximum frequency of 25 MHz for sine and square waves and costs only £795. It offers similar facilities to the more expensive 50 MHz generator, but with proportionately lower maximum frequencies for pulse and arbitrary waveforms.

1st July 2010
Programmable precision high-power DC supply

Now available in the UK from TTi Distribution, the Sorensen SGI Series represents the next generation of high-power programmable DC power supplies, designed for exceptional load transient response, low noise and the highest power density in the industry.

Test & Measurement
16th June 2010
Low-cost DDS function generator operates to 10 MHz

The TG1000, new from TTi, is a 10 MHz function generator using direct digital synthesis (DDS) yet costing less than £400. Direct digital synthesis delivers low-distortion sine waves with improved spectral purity in comparison with analogue function generators. Frequency stability and phase noise are excellent, and absolute frequency accuracy is equal to that of the crystal based master clock.

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