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Low cost LCR bridge has binning capability

25th October 2006
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TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) has introduced a new version of the LCR400 low-cost precision LCR bridge incorporating a full limits comparator designed for binning applications on electronics production lines. Up to eight pass bins and two fail bins can be defined, and binning can be used to sort different tolerances of the same value or multiple different values. A numeric keyboard allows rapid setting up of binning values. Non-volatile memory is provided for the storage of up to nine complete instrument set-ups.
The LCR400 has a basic accuracy of 0.1% for inductance, capacitance and resistance measurements. Three measurement frequencies are available between 100 Hz and 10 kHz. The instrument is fully auto-ranging (with range hold) and can also automatically select the function based on the component inserted. It has dual 5-digit displays, the second of which is used for either the secondary parameters (Q or D) or for showing binning information.

For through-hole components, the unit has a built-in high-quality 4-terminal test fixture that will accept most wire-ended components directly. A pair of plug-in pillar adaptors allows axial components, such as bandoliered resistors, to be measured directly without bending the wires. The position of the test fixture on the instrument ensures that component bandoliers can be handled without interfering with the display or keyboard.

For surface-mount components, high-quality 4-terminal tweezers are available. The tweezers connect directly into the built-in test fixture of the LCR400, and 4-terminal connection is made at the base of the gold-plated jaws only a few millimetres from the tip.
An external test fixture can also be used, and a capacitance null function allows up to 100 pF to be nulled out. A switchable bias voltage is provided for polarising electrolytic capacitors.

An RS232 interface is incorporated which allows connection to a PC and can be used to set up all measurement and sorting functions as well as store readings. PC software is supplied which allows both set-up and results logging.
The LCR400 costs £638 (plus VAT).

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