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Indium features metal thermal interface materials for burn-in and test at TestConX

21st February 2023
Harry Fowle

Indium Corporation will feature its metal thermal interface materials (TIMs) for burn-in and test at TestConX, 5th-8th March in Mesa, Arizona.

Indium Corporation’s indium-containing TIMs for burn-in and test offer superior thermal conductivity over non-metals—with pure indium metal delivering 86W/mK. Its indium-containing TIMs are available as pure indium, indium-silver alloys, and indium-tin, among others. The pure indium TIM can be clad with a thin aluminium layer on the side facing the device under test (DUT) to prevent the indium from adhering to the surface. Indium Corporation’s suite of Heat-Spring solutions, featuring a compressible interface between a heat source and a heat sink, include:

Heat-Spring preforms:

  • Patterned to optimise contact with non-planar surfaces delivering 86W/mK
  • Provides uniform contact between the burn-in head and the DUT
  • Provides more uniform thermal conductivity
  • Cleans with no residue
  • Recyclable and reclaimable

Heat-Spring HSK:

  • Recommended specifically for burn-in applications where multiple insertions are required
  • Provides uniform contact with low resistance for high-density heat loads
  • Typically clad with a thin diffusion barrier, which serves as the contact surface for burn-in and test applications
  • No staining or cracking

Heat-Spring HSD:

  • Designed for interfaces with tight surface control >30psi
  • Recommended for small, well-designed interfaces with flat, smooth, parallel surfaces

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