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E-field probe can handle safety measurements from 100kHz to 6GHz

7th February 2011
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Now available from Link Microtek is a probe that can detect the electric fields emanating from equipment operating at frequencies from 100kHz to 6GHz, making it ideal for safety measurements at mobile-phone, WLAN and WiMAX base stations, as well as TV and radio transmitters.
Designed for use with the Narda NBM series of wideband field strength meters, the EF0691 probe provides a cost-effective means of complying with the requirements of BS EN 50492, which calls for safety evaluations of all permanently installed RF sources up to 6GHz in the vicinity of base stations.

Until now such measurements would have required the use of an 18GHz probe, and these are significantly more expensive in terms of both capital outlay and ongoing calibration costs.
As an isotropic probe, the EF0691 measures three spatial components of an electric field, and the resultant value of the field strength is automatically calculated by the NBM meter. Safety measurements can therefore be made quickly and accurately without needing to take readings in three orthogonal directions. Individual calibration data is stored in an EPROM within the probe, with the necessary correction factor also automatically applied by the meter.
The EF0691 probe features a high sensitivity of 0.35V/m, and its wide dynamic range of 65dB means that there is no need to switch measurement ranges on the NBM meter itself.

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