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Aerospace & Defence
30th January 2020
Link Microtek to supply mobile local communications for Type 26 frigates

Link Microtek, the manufacturer of optical, RF and microwave products, has received an order worth approximately £750,000 from Rohde & Schwarz to supply its Azdec secure optical MLC (mobile local communications) systems for installation on the first three of the Royal Navy’s planned class of eight Type 26 frigates, which are due to enter service from the mid-2020s.

Test & Measurement
19th December 2019
Coaxial rotary joint offers wideband capability for 5G test

Microwave and RF component manufacturer Link Microtek has introduced a new miniature single-channel coaxial rotary joint that features a wide operating frequency range of DC to 40GHz, making it suited to a variety of test applications.

10th October 2019
Dual-channel Ku-band rotary joint for radar applications

The latest addition to Link Microtek’s comprehensive range of microwave rotary joints is the AMCORJD-2KU device, which offers a coaxial dual-channel Ku-band capability that makes it well suited for both satellite-on-the-move and radar applications, either military or commercial.

10th September 2019
DSEI 2019: Optical MLC system offers secure cable-free comms

An optical MLC (mobile local communications) system, which offers a totally secure, non-RF, cable-free voice comms solution for a wide variety of defence-related applications is being featured at DSEI 2019 in London by Link Microtec.

5th September 2019
Extended-range secure optical mobile local communications system

Link Microtek has unveiled a new version of its Azdec optical MLC (mobile local communications) system featuring a range of up to 30m, three times greater than the capability of its established technology. This development opens up new defence-related applications for the Azdec system, which provides totally secure, non-RF, cable-free communications.

27th August 2019
Complex microwave feed assembly for mobile satcom antenna system

Link Microtek has designed and fabricated a complex microwave feed assembly for use in a customer’s Ku-band mobile satellite-communications antenna system. The mobile antenna systems provide a durable and quickly deployable solution for anyone requiring reliable satellite communications facilities in remote locations.

19th August 2019
Comprehensive range of phase shifters covers almost any requirement

The comprehensive range of coaxial and waveguide phase shifters manufactured by US firm L3 Narda-ATM is now available to microwave design engineers in the UK through the company’s representative, Basingstoke-based Link Microtek.

1st August 2019
Microwave rotary joint for high-power satellite tracking system

Link Microtek, the specialist designer and manufacturer of microwave and RF components, has developed an X-band microwave rotary joint to meet the extremely demanding requirements of a satellite tracking system that transmits at a high pulsed power of 100kW, with a mean power of four kilowatts, over a wide frequency band of two gigahertz.

22nd July 2019
Optical MLC system offers cable-free comms for military applications

  The main focus of the Link Microtek stand at this year’s DSEI exhibition will be the company’s Azdec optical MLC (Mobile Local Communications) system, which offers a totally secure, non-RF, cable-free voice comms solution for a wide variety of defence-related applications.

24th May 2019
Ka-band satcom-on-the-move antenna system announced

  A dual-channel Ka-band microwave rotary joint designed and produced by Link Microtek is playing a crucial role within a new stabilised antenna platform developed by Italian firm, ADS International for high end Satcom-On-The-Move (SOTM) applications.

18th March 2019
Enabling rogue transmissions to be pinpointed quickly

Link Microtek has introduced its new automatic direction-finding (DF) antenna that allows the source of unauthorised or interfering transmissions to be located rapidly and accurately, even in urban areas where signal reflections can make this a challenging task.

8th February 2019
Space-qualified Ka-band microwave rotary joint

Manufacturer of microwave and RF subsystems and components, Link Microtek, has designed and produced a spaceflight-qualified microwave rotary joint and associated waveguide components as part of a Ka-band antenna pointing mechanism (APM) being developed by Surrey Satellite Technology, which is an independent company within Airbus.

Test & Measurement
12th October 2018
Protecting telecoms workers from strong electromagnetic fields

Link Microtek has introduced a compact entry-level personal monitor that has been designed to provide a cost effective means of alerting telecoms workers to the presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Test & Measurement
11th October 2018
RF safety monitor protects from electromagnetic fields

A compact entry-level personal monitor that has been designed to provide a cost-effective means of alerting telecoms workers to the presence of strong electromagnetic fields has been introduced by Link Microtek. Manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the RadMan Mobile monitor covers the frequency range 50MHz to 6GHz and offers a shaped frequency response compliant with EMF Directive Action Levels.

17th July 2018
High power radial combiner designed for upgrade programme

  Link Microtek has designed and produced a compact high power 9-way radial combiner specifically for BAE Systems as part of a programme to upgrade customers’ S-band radar transmitters by replacing their magnetrons with multiple Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs).

19th June 2018
Multichannel rotating joint assembly for S-band radar application

Link Microtek has created and shipped a one-metre-long microwave rotating joint assembly for an S-band ground-based radar. Allowing microwave signals to be fed to and from a radar antenna, such large rotating joint assemblies are an important component of the S-band radar systems that are used around the world in air-traffic control, weather forecasting and shipborne applications.

12th July 2017
Broadband microwave combiners for use in HPAs

Manufacturer of RF and microwave components and subsystems, Link Microtek, has launched a new range of broadband microwave combiners for use in high power amplifier systems (HPAs) for applications such as automotive EMC testing. These combiners enable high power, broadband and low loss combination of microwave signals with performance that cannot be achieved by other methods such as Wilkinson.

15th May 2017
Low PIM frequency band loads suitable for DAS applications

A new series of telecommunications frequency band loads has been introduced by Link Microtek whose low PIM (passive intermodulation) characteristics make them particularly suitable for DAS (distributed antenna system) applications. They can also be used in other types of communications system where low PIM is required.

11th March 2017
Horn antennas aid 5G millimetre-wave testing

A new family of miniature horn antennas that are designed to be used for millimetre-wave testing in 5G developments and EMC compliance has been released by Link Microtek. Ideal for test houses or manufacturers of E-band radio communications equipment, the AMHA-V1 series of horns can be utilised as either transmitters or receivers for measurements of products’ electromagnetic susceptibility or emissions in accordance with international EMC s...

6th February 2017
Antenna alignment tool delivers accurate performance

Now available in the UK from RF and microwave equipment supplier Link Microtek is a portable instrument that enables telecommunications-antenna installers and maintenance technicians to rapidly align antennas to the highest levels of accuracy, thereby optimising network performance.

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