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Protecting telecoms workers from strong electromagnetic fields

12th October 2018
Joe Bush

Link Microtek has introduced a compact entry-level personal monitor that has been designed to provide a cost effective means of alerting telecoms workers to the presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the RadMan Mobile monitor covers the frequency range 50MHz to 6GHz and offers a shaped frequency response compliant with EMF Directive Action Levels. Despite being a low-cost monitor, the RadMan Mobile uses technology developed by Narda over many years for its RadMan range.

Capable of measuring both E and H fields simultaneously, the device is suitable for carrying out maintenance or repair work in the complex near-field conditions found close to antennas. Warnings are provided by a loud audible alarm, which sounds when the level exceeds 50% of the maximum permissible exposure limit, and four LEDs that give an approximate indication of the measured field strength in steps of 12.5%, 25%, 50% and 100% of limit value. The shaped frequency response means that the alarm threshold is always matched over the entire frequency range, so there is no need to adjust it according to the frequency of the field source.

As well as providing personal protection when worn on the outside of clothing, the RadMan Mobile can be used off the body for monitoring local signal strength, e.g. for locating leaks on waveguide components and coaxial connectors.

Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries with a life of up to 200 hours, the monitor weighs just 130g and measures 37x41x163mm. Operating temperature range is specified as -10 to +55°C. The unit is supplied with earphone, manual, belt bag and batteries, while optional accessories include a non-conductive tripod, a non-conductive extension rod for leak detection and a hard case.

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