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Signal testing solution prioritises vehicle safety

26th August 2015
Mick Elliott

New functionality has been added to Anritsu’s MD8475A network simulator, to provide the first laboratory hardware in the loop system level test for the European eCall systemand Russian ERA/GLONASS system. With vehicle safety at the forefront of automotive testing and development, ensuring the quickest response from emergency services in the event of a traffic accident could save millions of lives.

Anritsu offers the first eCall tester based on a complete network simulator with a flexible software tool simulating Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP), which greatly simplifies application development and evaluation.

The recently developed eCall Tester option (MX703330E) and MSD ERA/GLONASS option (MX703330E-031) used in combination with the MD8475A now supports in-house testing and evaluation of communications modules (in-vehicle systems, IVS) with built-in eCall and ERA/GLONASS functions, as well as general evaluation following installation of these modules in automobiles.

As it is difficult to test emergency call systems using a live network, the eCall and ERA/GLONASS applications support laboratory testing, which not only cuts development time, but also reduces costs because evaluations can be performed in-house using network simulator, and reduces the amount of field testing needed to verify and de-bug eCall systems.

These solutions offer a system level test environment using a flexible control GUI and user configurable settings so that different modes and configurations of network and eCall environments can be configured and tested with ease.

The MD8475A operates as an all-in-one network simulator for testing multi-standard cellular wireless modules. Composed of hardware and multiple measurement software options, the instrument supports all standard cellular communications technologies, enabling chipset and module developers to verify the performance and functions of communications devices.

With dedicated SmartStudio GUI, the network simulator can evaluate in-vehicle systems, making V2X and M2M testing easy, quick and reliable.

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