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1GHz, 10GSa/s oscilloscope boasts touchscreen

5th June 2017
Mick Elliott

Availability of the Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 510 oscilloscope has been announced by Saelig. The instrument combines advanced 1GHz, 10GSa/s specifications including MAUI with OneTouch user interface, powerful waveform processing, as well as advanced math, measurement, and debug features, to create an engineering tool that can help quickly analyse and find the root cause of circuit problems.

The 12.1in. touch-screen display of the oscilloscope is the largest in its class and makes viewing intricate waveforms fast and easy.

It delivers an effective sample rate of 10GSs/s simultaneously on all 4 channels, with 1GHz bandwidth and 32Mpts of memory.

The unit also offers a variety of serial data protocol decoders and advanced active probes. The MS-500-36 mixed-signal option adds the ability to capture long digital records of the fastest digital signals with maximum input frequency of 500MHz for 18 channels or 250MHz for all 36 logic channels.

Long memory of 50Mpts/channel means that up to 25ms of these fast signals can be captured at up to 2GSa/s sampling rate. This makes it an ideal tool for embedded systems with 16-bit or 32-bit microcontrollers. The WaveSurfer 510's MAUI with OneTouch gesture control interface design optimizes operational convenience and efficiency by allowing all common operations to be performed with a single touch of the display.

It also enables finger-touch drag-and-drop actions for copying and setting up channels, math functions, and measurement parameters. It simplifies and speeds up measurement setup, improves operator efficiency, and brings new-user intuitiveness to oscilloscope operation.

The LabNotebook documentation and report generation tool provides a fast way to save waveforms, save setups and screen images, report results, and offline viewing.

The History Mode Waveform Playback allows you to scroll back in time to isolate anomalies and quickly find the source of problems.

The Sequence Mode lets you capture many fast pulses in quick succession or join together events separated by long periods of time.

The Serial Bus Trigger and Decode feature lets you view decoded protocol information on top of physical layer waveforms, triggering on protocol specific messages.

The Spectrum Analyser Interface views signal details in the frequency domain with a spectrum analyser style user interface. Many 1GHz oscilloscopes are available at attractive entry-point prices but are often limited in sample rate, memory, or features.

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