Top 5 optoelectronics products in March

31st March 2023
Harry Fowle

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top 5 optoelectronics products to have been released in March 2023.

Spectrograph optics for space applications

Spectrographs are the ‘go to’ scientific instruments used to study the chemical / physical conditions that exist through a cross-section of space. Combined with a terrestrial or spaceborne telescope a spectrograph can reveal the details that are stored in the spectral distribution of light from a distant star or galaxy.

Instrument performance matters in all scientific research, but none more so than in space exploration. New discoveries in space today are only possible using spectrographs that incorporate ultra-smooth optics able to collect the faintest light signals from distant astronomical entities. (Read More.)

Large output beam expander optics for interferometric testing

Optical Surfaces has released a large output beam expander optics enabling interferometers to be used for testing of large optical flats up to 600mm in diameter.

Large output beam expander modules from Optical Surfaces comprise an air-spaced lens doublet input coupled to a large spherical lens to increase the diameter of a collimated input beam (50–100mm) to a larger output beam (300–600mm).Designed to deliver low wavelength distortion and high transmission over specific wavelengths, these large output beam expander optics provide diffraction limited performance over their entire aperture. (Read More.)

LASER COMPONENTS beam expanders

LASER COMPONENTS offers a range of beam expanders for YAG systems and other wavelengths, used primarily for increasing laser power densities at the focal point, and beam guidance over long distances.

Fixed, variable, and zoom beam expanders are available. Fixed beam expanders offer a low-cost solution with fixed magnification, with no compensation for divergence or convergence of the incident beam. (Read More.)

Free update makes third deep learning method available for IDS NXT

An update for the AI system IDS NXT has made cameras that can now also detect anomalies.

In quality assurance, it is often necessary to reliably detect deviations from the norm. Industrial cameras have a key role in this, capturing images of products and analysing them for defects. If the error cases are not known in advance or are too diverse, however, rule-based image processing reaches its limits. By contrast, this challenge can be reliably solved with the AI method Anomaly Detection. The new and entirely free IDS NXT 3.0 software update from IDS Imaging Development Systems makes the method available to all users of the AI vision system with immediate effect. (Read More.)

New conversion screens for high power IR applications

Discover LASER COMPONENTS' range of conversion screens, the LDT-1.5-5 and LDT-5-20, covering the range 1.5-20µm for high power applications.

New to LASER COMPONENTS’ comprehensive range of conversion screens are the LDT-1.5-5 and LDT-5-20, which together cover the range 1.5-20µm for high power applications. (Read More.)

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