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Operational amplifiers target precision applications

10th May 2023
Mick Elliott

The ADA4099 series of high-performance operational amplifiers from Analog Devices are designed to meet the demands of modern precision applications.

They are available from distributor Analog Devices.

These operational amplifiers (op amps) offer exceptional accuracy, low noise, and high-speed performance, making them ideal for a wide range of precision applications, including instrumentation, data acquisition, and control systems.

A broad range of specifications meet the needs of various applications. The op amps have a wide supply voltage range and can operate on single or split supplies that range from 3.15V to 50V, which makes them compatible with a range of voltage levels used in industrial applications.

Low offset voltage of <±40 µV maximum, low input bias current (IB) of <±10 nA maximum, and low voltage noise ensure accurate signal processing.

In addition, they have low input capacitance, 9pF in Differential mode and 3pF in Common mode, which minimizes the loading effect on the signal source.

These op amps have a high output drive capability, which makes them suitable for driving heavy loads.

The ADA4099 series is available in two variants, the ADA4099-1 and ADA4099-2.

These are single and dual channel respectively

The robust, precision, rail-to-rail input/output op amps have inputs that operate from −VS to +VS and beyond, which is referred to as Over-The-Top.

They raw just 1.5 mA of quiescent current per channel making them suitable for low power battery operated applications. The op amps are also available with low power shutdown to 150 nV p-p typical at 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz

The op amp series Over-The-Top input stages have robust input protection features for harsh environments, the inputs are able to tolerate up to 80 V of differential voltage without damage or degradation to dc accuracy. The operating input common-mode range extends from rail-to-rail and beyond, up to 70 V > –VS, independent of the +VS supply.

The op amps are unity-gain stable and can drive loads requiring up to 20 mA per channel, they are also cable of driving capacitive loads as large as 100 pF.

The ADA4099-1 is available in a standard, 6-lead, thin small outline transistor (TSOT) package and the ADA4099-2 is available in an option of 8- lead, standard small outline package (SOIC_N), 8-lead, mini small outline package (MSOP), and a 10-lead, lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP).

Both devices are available with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C for B grade versions and -55°C to +150°C for H grade versions.

The op amps are supported by evaluation kits, EVAL-ADA4099-1HUJZ and EVAL-ADA4099-2EBZ. Both are prepopulated boards using a gain of 1 configuration.

The evaluation boards allow simplified and efficient use, both have edge mounted Subminiature Version A (SMA) connectors on the inputs and outputs to allow efficient connection to test equipment or other circuits.

Bulk test points are also incorporated as an alternative option to be used for the inputs and outputs.

The boards have optimised ground plane, component placement, and power supply allowing for maximum circuit flexibility and performance.

Both evaluation boards combine surface-mount technology (SMT) with almost all components being 0805 or 0603 size to provide simplified installation and the option to replace and solder when needed. The boards also have spare unpopulated resistor and capacitor pads, which provide the user with the options and flexibility to implement different application circuits and configurations.

With their low noise, low offset voltage, and low input bias current, the op amps are a reliable choice for precision instrumentation and control applications including Industrial sensor conditioning, Supply current sensing, Battery and power supply monitoring, Front-end amplifiers in abusive environments and 4 mA to 20 mA transmitters.

Anglia are offering customers a FREE evaluation board and samples of the ADA4099 series.

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