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Agile Analog delivers first full always-on IP subsystem

12th March 2024
Harry Fowle

Agile Analog has announced the successful delivery of its first full always-on IP subsystem.

This innovative solution enables a low-power sleep mode for a new generation of system-on-chips (SoCs).

Agile Analog provided XMOS, a leading fabless semiconductor company, with a comprehensive range of analog IP blocks integrated into a single macro, incorporating the XMOS digital control system to form a complete always-on subsystem. Agile Analog’s low-power IP included its configurable bandgap reference (agileREF), power-on-reset (agilePOR), oscillator (agileRCOSC), comparator (agileCMP), and capless LDO (agileLDO) IPs.

Barry Paterson, CEO at Agile Analog, comments: "We are delighted to have successfully delivered our always-on IP subsystem for XMOS. This project showcases the power of our Composa technology and our commitment to close collaboration with our customers. We are pleased to pave the way for further innovation in the development of next generation SoCs with ultra-low-power capabilities.”

Agile Analog’s unique Composa technology automatically generates analog IP for any foundry and on any process. Each of these IPs can be configured to fit the customer’s exact requirements, allowing for optimal power and performance. The IP can also be delivered digitally wrapped to ease the integration process.

Over the last decade demand for always-on IP has rapidly increased, driven by the surge in smart wearable devices and remote monitoring systems. These rely on the ability to remain in a low-power state for extended battery life while maintaining the capability to wake up quickly to perform essential functions.

According to Chris Morrison, Director of Product Marketing at Agile Analog: “Our always-on IP subsystem includes all of the analog circuitry required to minimise quiescent current in always-on applications. This is crucial for the energy-efficient, responsive SoCs that are needed for the next wave of smart devices. It was really great to collaborate with a company like XMOS which is so focused on breaking new ground in the industry. The close working relationship between our teams was instrumental in this project's success.”

Kevin Dewar, VP Hardware at XMOS, confirms: "Working with Agile Analog was a pleasure. Unlike with standard off-the-shelf solutions, Agile Analog took the time to understand our specific requirements upfront, demonstrating their expertise and willingness to go the extra mile. We have been very impressed with the high-quality of the IP and the high-level of technical support provided by the Agile Analog team.”

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