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CML Micro expands market presence following acquisition of MwT

4th January 2024
Paige West

CML Micro has recently acquired MwT, a supplier of MMIC and mmWave technology based in California, US.

This acquisition is a strategic move that unites the strengths of both CML Micro and MwT, placing the combined entity at the edge of burgeoning markets. It also expands their offerings in RF & mmWave devices, enhancing the range and depth of products available for wireless communication technologies.

The integration of MwT under the CML Micro umbrella broadens the company’s SµRF product brand. This expansion includes a wider selection of GaAs and GaN MMICs, along with new additions such as Discrete Devices and Hybrid Amplifier Products. These additions not only diversify CML Micro’s product lineup but also boost the company’s capacity to cater to the dynamic requirements in communication technologies, particularly in the realm of higher frequency devices and enhanced module functionalities.

Moreover, the acquisition is set to fortify CML Micro’s engineering and operational capabilities. It brings advanced research and development strengths and a deeper understanding of system-level design, which are essential for enhancing product manufacturing and packaging processes.

Mark McCabe, Managing Director of CML Micro, commented on the acquisition: “Bringing MwT into CML Micro will have a profound impact on how we can meet the evolving needs of our customers in key focus markets such as 5G Infrastructure, Satellite Communications, IIoT, and Defence and Aerospace. Through our combined wealth of experience and expertise, our ability to develop world-beating products which meet the needs of tomorrow will be greatly enhanced whilst delivering value to our customers today.”

Customers are poised to benefit from this merger, as it promises enhanced synergy and reliability through the consolidation of resources and talent. The enriched product portfolio will offer customers a competitive edge in the fast-changing market landscape.

CML Micro’s now-expanded SµRF portfolio, encompassing a range of GaAs and GaN MMICs, Discrete Devices, and Hybrid Amplifiers, is currently available for the market.

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