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Imaging & vision DSP enables next-gen surveillance SoCs

27th October 2015
Nat Bowers

VATICS has licensed CEVA's imaging and vision DSP for its next-gen SoCs targeting surveillance and smart network cameras. VATICS will leverage the powerful computer vision and scene analytics capabilities of the DSP to greatly improve image quality and enable a new level of intelligent surveillance.

CEVA’s imaging and vision DSP addresses the extreme processing requirements of the most sophisticated computational photography and computer vision applications such as video analytics, augmented reality and ADAS. By offloading these performance-intensive tasks from the CPUs and GPUs, the highly-efficient DSP dramatically reduces the power consumption of the overall system, while providing complete flexibility. The platform includes a vector processor developed specifically to deal with the complexities of such applications and an extensive Application Development Kit (ADK) to enable easy development environment. The CEVA ADK includes an Android Multimedia Framework that streamlines software development and integration effort, a set of advanced software development tools and a range of software products and libraries optimised for the DSP.

Sor Shen, Vice President, VATICS, commented: “Adding intelligent vision processing into the edge device enables powerful analytical functionality in real-time, creating a whole new range of use cases for smarter security, consumer and retail applications. The CEVA imaging and vision DSP delivers outstanding performance and the flexibility to implement advanced algorithms in software for any use case, allowing us to reuse the same SoC design to address multiple markets.”

“We are pleased to welcome VATICS, a leading surveillance camera vendor, to the growing list of companies adopting our imaging and vision DSPs for their computer vision and video analytics requirements. It is increasingly evident that advanced imaging and vision processing requires a dedicated computer vision DSP to maximise system performance and power efficiency. With the inclusion of our DSP, VATICS’ next-gen SoCs are set to raise the bar in intelligent surveillance," added Gideon Wertheizer, CEO, CEVA.

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