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26th July 2021
CEVA releases RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.3 IP

CEVA has announced the general release of its RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.3 IP. Supporting a multitude of features to further enhance security, robustness and low power operation, the RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.3 IP is now available as a complete hardware/software solution for new designs and as a software-only upgrade for compatible existing designs.

25th June 2021
RivieraWaves UWB platform IP launched by CEVA

CEVA has unveiled RivieraWaves UWB, a power-efficient ultra-wideband (UWB) turnkey MAC and PHY platform intellectual property (IP) compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4z standard and in accordance with the FiRa consortium specifications.

2nd June 2021
Sequans licenses CEVA 5G modem IP for broadband IoT

CEVA has announced that Sequans Communications, a provider of 5G/4G chips and modules for IoT, has licensed the PentaG 5G New Radio (NR) IP to power its upcoming 5G platform. Sequans will leverage PentaG to ensure its 5G platform will meet the extreme performance, low latency and strict power budget requirements of the IoT industry.

10th May 2021
Bluetooth dual mode 5.2 platform gains SIG qualification

CEVA has announced that its RivieraWaves Bluetooth Dual Mode 5.2 Platform has achieved Bluetooth SIG Qualification. Supporting both the widely adopted Bluetooth Classic Audio and the latest features for the next generation Bluetooth LE Audio, licensees can use the RivieraWaves Bluetooth Dual Mode 5.2 Platform for their next-generation designs for TWS earbuds, smart watches, smart speakers and other Bluetooth-enabled audio products.

5th May 2021
Frost & Sullivan recognises CEVA with award

Based on its recent analysis of the global sensor fusion for the consumer electronics market, Frost & Sullivan has recognised CEVA, with the 2021 Global Company of the Year Award. CEVA's MotionEngine software solution integrates dynamic sensor calibration, sensor fusion and a deep portfolio of application-specific algorithms to uniquely enable high quality, contextually aware devices in diverse industries.

26th April 2021
L2+ and HD Radar: A Golden Opportunity

We’re still waiting for full autonomy in cars, but now realise that’s much further out than we originally thought. The automotive value chain was already ahead of us and is now well into plan B - a very active push from SAE level 2, conventional ADAS, to something now being called L2+. L2+ is a little short of L3 in that redundancy continues to depend on the human driver and will require strong driver monitoring systems.

26th March 2021
MotionEngine Scout dead reckoning software for robots

CEVA has unveiled the Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine Scout, a highly accurate dead reckoning software solution for intelligent navigation systems in indoor robots including robot cleaners and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) used in industrial or commercial settings.

25th February 2021
Smart TV software comes to more brands via LG webOS

CEVA has announced that it is expanding its long-standing partnership with LG Electronics (LG) for its Freespace MotionEngine Smart TV software technology to include 3rd party TV brands running LG’s webOS smart TV platform.

24th February 2021
NZ8801 Bluetooth 5 IC provides secure connectivity

CEVA has announced that Nations Technologies has licensed and deployed CEVA’s RivieraWaves Bluetooth low energy IP in its NZ8801 Bluetooth 5 IC designed to provide secure connectivity in a range of power sensitive devices, including wearables, PC peripherals, secure payment cards and the smart home. NZ8801 has already achieved significant success in the market, shipping in tens of millions devices to date.

15th January 2021
Wake word engine available for CEVA DSPs

CEVA and Retune DSP have announced that the Retune VoiceSpot Wake Word Engine is now optimised and available for CEVA’s audio/voice DSPs, including the CEVA-BX, CEVA-X, and CEVA-TeakLite families. CEVA and Retune DSP are already engaged with a lead customer, deploying this collaborative solution in an upcoming smart home device.

8th January 2021
CEVA and DARPA partner for technology innovation

CEVA has announced an open licensing agreement with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to accelerate technology innovation for DARPA programs. The partnership, as part of the DARPA Toolbox initiative, establishes an access framework under which DARPA organisations can access all of CEVA’s commercially available IPs, tools and support to expedite their programs.

8th December 2020
BLE 5.2 platform receives Bluetooth SIG qualification

CEVA has announced that its RivieraWaves Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) 5.2 Platform has achieved Bluetooth SIG Qualification. As the first IP company to receive Bluetooth LE 5.2 qualification, CEVA enables its licensees to reduce their product development risk and so benefit with expedited time-to-market and end-product qualification process.

19th November 2020
High-performance DSP solution for automotive SoC

CEVA has announced that Renesas has licensed a new, high-performance DSP to power its next-generation automotive System-on-Chip (SoC).

9th October 2020
Hearables with MotionEngine Hear sensor fusion software

CEVA has introduced the Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine Hear, a sensor and processor agnostic embedded software solution for hearable devices. System-on-Chip (SoC) vendors, OEMs and ODMs can utilise MotionEngine Hear to deliver a frictionless user interface, gesture control, activity tracking and spatial audio for a range of smart personal audio devices, including true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, audio headsets, hearing aids, and AR glasses.

2nd October 2020
CEVA and VisiSonics Bring 3D spatial audio to true wireless

CEVA and VisiSonics bring 3D spatial audio to true wireless CEVA and VisiSonics have announced that the companies have collaborated closely together to develop a comprehensive 3D spatial audio solution for embedded devices, including true wireless audio (TWS) earbuds, headphones and other hearables.

19th August 2020
WiFi 6 solution achieve CERTIFIED 6 status

CEVA has announced that its RivieraWaves WiFi 6 IP platform has achieved WiFi CERTIFIED 6 Status from the WiFi Alliance. CEVA offers a complete suite of WiFi 6 IPs, spanning 1x1 20MHz for low power IoT devices through to MIMO 80/160MHz WiFi 6 and 6E for higher end products including smartphones, smart TVs, access points and wireless infrastructure.

14th August 2020
CEVA awarded full certification from Deutsche Telekom

CEVA has announced that its Dragonfly NB2 turnkey NB-IoT solution has achieved full certification from Deutsche Telekom. The milestone ensures that Dragonfly NB2 IP licensees can significantly simplify and accelerate their NB-IoT chipset certification for use on Deutsche Telekom’s networks around the world.

11th August 2020
CEVA-BX2 audio DSP supports Dolby multistream decoder

CEVA has announced support for Dolby MS12 Multistream Decoder for the CEVA-BX2 audio DSP. As smart TVs, over-the-top (OTT) content services and set-top-boxes evolve into multipurpose digital media receivers, the content is derived from numerous sources, utilising a variety of audio codecs.

4th May 2020
Picocom license CEVA-XC12 DSP for 5G radio infrastructure

CEVA has announced that Picocom has licensed and deployed the CEVA-XC12 DSP in its forthcoming distributed unit (DU) baseband offload System-on-Chip (SoC) for 5G small cells.

30th March 2020
Voice neural networks integration for microcontrollers

Providing voice neural networks integration for MCUs, CEVA has announced that its CEVA-BX DSP cores and WhisPro speech recognition software targeting conversational AI and contextual awareness applications now also support TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers, a production ready, cross-platform framework for deploying tiny machine learning on power-efficient processors in edge devices.

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