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19th August 2020
WiFi 6 solution achieve CERTIFIED 6 status

CEVA has announced that its RivieraWaves WiFi 6 IP platform has achieved WiFi CERTIFIED 6 Status from the WiFi Alliance. CEVA offers a complete suite of WiFi 6 IPs, spanning 1x1 20MHz for low power IoT devices through to MIMO 80/160MHz WiFi 6 and 6E for higher end products including smartphones, smart TVs, access points and wireless infrastructure.

14th August 2020
CEVA awarded full certification from Deutsche Telekom

CEVA has announced that its Dragonfly NB2 turnkey NB-IoT solution has achieved full certification from Deutsche Telekom. The milestone ensures that Dragonfly NB2 IP licensees can significantly simplify and accelerate their NB-IoT chipset certification for use on Deutsche Telekom’s networks around the world.

11th August 2020
CEVA-BX2 audio DSP supports Dolby multistream decoder

CEVA has announced support for Dolby MS12 Multistream Decoder for the CEVA-BX2 audio DSP. As smart TVs, over-the-top (OTT) content services and set-top-boxes evolve into multipurpose digital media receivers, the content is derived from numerous sources, utilising a variety of audio codecs.

4th May 2020
Picocom license CEVA-XC12 DSP for 5G radio infrastructure

CEVA has announced that Picocom has licensed and deployed the CEVA-XC12 DSP in its forthcoming distributed unit (DU) baseband offload System-on-Chip (SoC) for 5G small cells.

30th March 2020
Voice neural networks integration for microcontrollers

Providing voice neural networks integration for MCUs, CEVA has announced that its CEVA-BX DSP cores and WhisPro speech recognition software targeting conversational AI and contextual awareness applications now also support TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers, a production ready, cross-platform framework for deploying tiny machine learning on power-efficient processors in edge devices.

26th March 2020
Collaboration to redefine hearable devices

CEVA and Bragi have announced a strategic collaboration to drive a new class of hearable devices where the user experience is customisable via a hearable app store. Target devices include headsets, hearing aids, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds and a host of other smart audio devices for the consumer and the smart home.

6th January 2020
Sensor fusion solution designed for consumer handheld devices

CEVA has introduced a new generation of its Hillcrest Labs sensor fusion product family, with the launch of the MotionEngine Air software. This production-ready solution delivers low power, motion-based gesture control, 3D motion tracking and pointing for consumer handheld devices in high volume markets, among which are smartphone and PC stylus pens, smart TV and Over-The-Top (OTT) remote controls, game controllers, AR and VR controllers, and PC ...

4th November 2019
WiFi 6 IP for low power high bandwidth connectivity

CEVA, licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies, has announced that AIC Semiconductor, a new China-based fabless company focused on the IoT market has licensed CEVA's RivieraWaves 802.11ax WiFi 6 IP for a low power System-on-Chip (SoC).

23rd October 2019
Surpassing 100 licensing deals for WiFi technologies

CEVA has announced a significant milestone for its family of RivieraWaves wireless IoT technologies: surpassing 100 licensing deals signed for Bluetooth and WiFi IPs. This achievement reflects the tremendous growth in demand for Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, particularly in IoT markets, with global tech market advisory firm ABI Research predicting that by 2023, more than 10 billion Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices will ship annually. 

29th July 2019
Acquisition extends smart and connected technology portfolio

CEVA has announced the acquisition of the Hillcrest Laboratories, a business from InterDigital. Hillcrest Labs is a global supplier of software and components for sensor processing in consumer and IoT devices. MEMS-based inertial and environmental sensors are used in an increasing number of devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, wireless earbuds, TV and remote controls, AR and VR headsets, drones, robots and many other consumer an...

1st March 2019
First test trial of CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 NB-IoT silicon

Licensor of signal processing platforms, CEVA, has announced the successful completion the first test trials of its CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 silicon at Vodafone’s IoT Future Lab in Düsseldorf. Using Vodafone’s open lab facilities which provide a realistic end-to-end live environment of the Narrowband-IoT technology, CEVA connected to the Vodafone NB-IoT network and demonstrated end-to-end IP connectivity with its CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 tes...

19th February 2019
Collaboration for global V2X solution

Licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence, CEVA, along with Autotalks, have announced that they have collaborated to add C-V2X Rel. 14/15 support to the CEVA-XC DSP based Autotalks chipset, a solution capable of supporting both DSRC and C-V2X direct communications. The solution was demonstrated at CES 2019 by HARMAN, Valeo and others.

30th January 2019
More success announced with CEVA Bluetooth 5.1 IP

  CEVA has announced the general release of its RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.1 IP. Supporting the headline new feature of Direction Finding via Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) for enhanced location services, the RW-Bluetooth 5.1 IP is available in both Bluetooth Dual Mode and Bluetooth Low Energy flavours.

18th January 2019
New research and development centre opened in Bristol

Licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors, CEVA, has announced the opening of a new research and development facility in Bristol, UK. The new R&D centre enables CEVA to access the world-class engineering talent the city has to offer, strengthening its R&D capabilities and expediting the development of new digital signal processing and AI products. 

14th January 2019
Neural network-based speech recognition technology for IoT devices

Licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors, CEVA, has introduced WhisPro, a Neural Network based speech recognition technology targeting the rapidly growing use of voice as a primary human interface for intelligent cloud-based services and edge devices. 

7th January 2019
Ultra-low power consumption with cellular IoT SoC

It has been announced by CEVA, that Nordic Semiconductor has licensed and deployed CEVA DSP technology in its nRF91 System-on-Chip (SoC) for low power cellular IoT connectivity. The CEVA DSP is at the heart of the multimode LTE-M/NB-IoT SoC, ensuring ultra-low power consumption and highly-efficient performance required for a wide range of cellular IoT use cases, including wearables, asset trackers, smart cities, smart metering and industrial IoT....

7th January 2019
Highly integrated audio SoCs with active noise cancellation

Licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors, CEVA, has announced that Bestechnic (BES), a designer and supplier of advanced audio platform SoCs, has licensed and deployed CEVA’s RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP in its latest solution targeting high-end headphones and headsets. 

7th January 2019
Controller architecture for digital signal processing

Licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors CEVA, has announced the CEVA-BX, its new all-purpose, hybrid DSP/Controller architecture to address new algorithms of digital signal processing in voice, video, communication, sensing and digital signal control applications. 

4th January 2019
SoC enables ultra-low power wireless applications

It has been announced by CEVA, licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors for smarter, connected devices, that InPlay Technologies (InPlay), has licensed and deployed CEVA’s RivieraWaves Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IP in its latest SwiftRadio SoC, targeting a range of markets for low power wireless applications, including wearables, healthcare, industrial, VR/AR and the IoT. 

4th January 2019
Tenth design win for SIG qualified Bluetooth Mesh IP

Licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors for smarter, connected devices, CEVA, has announced that its Bluetooth SIG qualified RivieraWaves Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh IP has achieved a significant milestone, having already been licensed to ten customers who are targeting a wide range of use cases and applications leveraging the Mesh Profile Specification.

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