EtherCAT Slave combined with MCU for industrial applications

25th October 2018
Alex Lynn


Real time EtherCAT communications meet C2000 MCU real time control as the Beckhoff ET1100 EtherCAT slave controller (ESC) from Texas Instruments is combined with an 800 MIPS Delfino microcontroller. 

Whether used as standalone hardware in order to get familiar with the software project or used in conjunction with the DesignDRIVE IDDK for a servo example application, this two board hardware solution also comes with software drivers for the ET1100 and slave stack adaptation layer for the C28x. EtherCAT stack development assumes EtherCAT Technology Group membership for access to their stack.


  • C2000 high-performance real-time control MCU paired with low-latency real-time industrial EtherCAT at 100Mbps.
  • High-bandwidth, low-latency parallel interface to Beckhoff ET1100 EtherCAT slave controller (ESC).
  • Hardware adapation software layer of MCU peripherals and C28x adaptation software for EtherCAT Technology Group slave stack.
  • Examples using TwinCAT/PC master and C2000 slave demo code; example supporting speed and position control on the Industrial Drives Development Kit (TMDXIDDK379D).
  • Use with C2000 applications kits or ‘standalone’ mode.
  • Hardware Files are in controlSUITE at development_kits\TMDSECATCND379D_V1.0.

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