Microchip Claims Industry’s Lowest Voltage EEPROM Devices

24th February 2009
ES Admin
Microchip has announced a series of I2CTM EEPROM devices with the lowest operating voltage available on the market. The 24VLXX series of devices has an operating voltage down to 1.5V for both read and write operations, with a very low operating current of less than 400µA.
These 1kbit and 2kbit EEPROM devices are the first to support two different write-protect features; the 24VL014, 24VL024 and 24VL025 can be ordered with a full-array write protect. The 24VL014H and 24VL024H devices support a half-array write protect. With an operating frequency of 100kHz at 1.5V, the new EEPROMs can operate in portable and handheld applications with very low voltages, thus reducing power consumption and extending the useful life of the battery.

Along with the previously announced 34AA02, 34LC02 and 34VL02 (34XX02) low voltage EEPROM devices, the new 24VLXX devices provide another option for designers looking to maximise battery life in their applications.

The very low voltage EEPROM devices are supported by the MPLAB® Starter Kit for Serial Memory Products (part number DV243003 - $79.98). The kit includes the MPLAB Starter Kit for serial memory products board, a serial EEPROM starter pack, a USB cable and a CD containing the MPLAB IDE, Total EnduranceTM software model and a serial EEPROM interface tool.

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