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Aerospace & Defence
17th May 2024
Microchip releases radiation-tolerant 32-bit SAMD21RT MCU

Microchip expands its radiation-tolerant microcontroller portfolio with the 32-bit SAMD21RT Arm Cortex-M0+ based MCU.

7th May 2024
Radiation-tolerant DC/DC 50W power converters for space

Microchip Technology has announced a new family of Radiation-Tolerant (RT) LE50-28 isolated DC-DC 50W power converters available in nine variants with single- and triple-outputs ranging from 3.3V to 28V.

1st May 2024
Radiation-tolerant PolarFire SoC FPGAs

Microchip has introduced the radiation-tolerant (RT) PolarFire system-on-chip (SoC) FPGA for space applications.

Cyber Security
30th April 2024
Microchip’s PIC32CK 32-bit MCUs simplify embedded security

New legislation takes effect in 2024, mandating stricter requirements on cyber security on everything from consumer IoT devices to critical infrastructure.

25th April 2024
Microchip expands maXTouch touchscreen controller family with new security features

As the number of EVs on the road increases, the necessary charging infrastructure must expand to meet the heightened demand. Adding credit card payment options to EV chargers is becoming a standard practice in many countries—and is mandated in the EU—and chargers must meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards. 

17th April 2024
Integrated actuation power solutions from Microchip

Microchip has announced new integrated actuation power solutions for the aviation industry with focus on sustainability and decarbonisation.

Tech Videos
15th April 2024
DigiKey at embedded world 2024 with Microchip

At embedded world 2024, on the DigiKey booth, Kristian McCann speaks with Ian Saturley, Sr. Manager of Strategic Marketing USB & Networking Group at Microchip, about its PCIe solutions.

11th April 2024
Microchip acquires VSI to extend automotive networking

Microchip has announced the completed acquisition of Seoul, Korea-based VSI, a provider of high-speed, asymmetric, camera, sensor and display connectivity technologies and products based on the Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) open standard for in-vehicle networking (IVN). The terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

3rd April 2024
Simoncic promoted to COO role at Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology has appointed Rich Simoncic as Chief Operating Officer.

Cyber Security
2nd April 2024
Microchip Technology introduces ECC608 TrustMANAGER

Microchip Technology has added the ECC608 TrustMANAGER with Kudelski IoT keySTREAM, Software as a Service (SaaS) to its Trust Platform portfolio of devices, services, and tools.

28th March 2024
Microchip Technology expands its serial SRAM portfolio

In response to the growing demands for larger and quicker SRAM solutions, Microchip Technology has broadened its Serial SRAM portfolio to encompass higher densities up to 4Mb and has enhanced the speed of the Serial Peripheral Interface/Serial Quad I/O Interface (SPI/SQI) to 143MHz.

26th March 2024
Microchip Technology expands TrustFLEX family

Microchip Technology is advancing the accessibility of embedded security solutions with its introduction of the CEC1736 TrustFLEX devices.

22nd March 2024
Microchip unveils Qi v2.0 compliant dsPIC33 reference design

As major charger manufacturers, including those in the automotive industry, are working to implement Qi v2.0 (Qi2) standards, Microchip Technology has released a Qi 2.0 dual-pad wireless power transmitter reference design.

26th February 2024
Microchip launches dsPIC DSC-based integrated motor drivers

Microchip has launched a new family of dsPIC Digital Signal Controller (DSC)-based integrated motor drivers.

20th February 2024
Microchip expands its mSiC solutions

Microchip has introduced the 3.3 kV XIFM plug-and-play mSiC gate driver with patented Augmented Switching technology, which is designed to work out-of-the-box with preconfigured module settings to significantly reduce design and evaluation time.

15th February 2024
Microchip’s low-cost PolarFire SoC Discovery Kit

The embedded industry is seeing an increased demand for open-source RISC-V-based processor architectures, but there are still limited options when it comes to commercially available silicon or hardware.

15th February 2024
Microchip Technology release PolarFire SoC Discovery Kit

The PolarFire SoC Discovery Kit meets demand for open-source RISC-V-based processor architectures is on the rise within the embedded industry, yet the availability of commercial silicon or hardware remains scarce.

14th February 2024
TimeProvider 4500 Series provides high-speed network interfaces

The operators of critical infrastructure market segments such as 5G telecommunications, power utilities, and transportation need to continuously upgrade their networks with technology capable of delivering higher processing speeds and highly accurate time sources that are not dependent on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations like GPS, GALILEO, and QZSS.

Cyber Security
9th February 2024
Microchip earns Certification in ISO/SAE 21434 road vehicle

As the automotive industry increasingly relies on wireless and in-vehicle network connectivity for everything from infotainment to engine systems, the imperative for stringent cybersecurity measures has grown.

8th February 2024
Microchip earns ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicle certification

As everything from infotainment to engine systems in the automotive industry becomes more dependent on wireless and in-vehicle network connectivity, the need for robust cyber security measures has increased.

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