Microchip Technology expands TrustFLEX family

26th March 2024
Paige West

Microchip Technology is advancing the accessibility of embedded security solutions with its introduction of the CEC1736 TrustFLEX devices.

These devices are part of the Trust Shield family, a microcontroller-based platform that serves as a foundational solution for cyber resiliency across a range of sectors including data centres, telecom, networking, embedded computing, and industrial applications. The TrustFLEX platform distinguishes itself by offering devices that are partially configured and come with Microchip-signed Soteria-G3 firmware, thereby streamlining the development and integration process for a platform root of trust. This advancement aids in the quick provisioning of cryptographic assets and signed firmware images, aligning with the security manufacturing standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Open Compute Project (OCP).

The CEC1736 TrustFLEX devices are tailored to comply with NIST 800-193 platform resiliency guidelines and OCP requirements, supporting the essential security features for establishing a hardware root of trust. With the Trust Platform Design Suite tool, users can customise platform-specific configurations, such as unique credentials, to cater to various applications, host processors, or SoCs that boot from an external SPI Flash device, thus extending the root of trust within the system.

Nuri Dagdeviren, Corporate Vice President of Microchip’s secure computing group, highlighted Microchip’s role in the industry: “Microchip has led our industry in streamlining secure provisioning from design to deployment for devices and platforms of all scales. This rich range of solutions now include OCP-compliant root of trust devices. With the pre-configured CEC1736 TrustFLEX family, we are helping lower the barrier of entry and making it easier for customers to implement platform root of trust and enable faster prototyping and speed to market.”

The CEC1736 TrustFLEX devices offer modern firmware security features, such as SPI bus monitoring, secure boot, component attestation, and lifecycle management, to protect against both physical and remote threats throughout the pre-boot and runtime environments.

Featuring a 32-bit 96MHz Arm Cortex-M4 processor core with closely coupled memory, the advanced I/O CEC1736 controllers provide efficient code execution and data access, making them highly adaptable to various applications.

Development tools for the CEC1736 TrustFLEX, part of the Trust Platform Design Suite, include the CEC1736 TrustFLEX Configurator. This tool offers a graphical interface for selecting, configuring, and generating a provisioning package suitable for development, prototyping, and production phases. Additionally, a development board for the CEC1736 is available, equipped with a socket to facilitate evaluation and development.

For further details and purchasing options, interested parties are encouraged to contact a Microchip sales representative, authorised distributors worldwide, or visit Microchip’s Purchasing and Client Services website.

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