lowRISC deploys static sign-off tools for OpenTitan project

10th May 2024
Harry Fowle

Real Intent has announced that lowRISC C.I.C. is deploying Real Intent Ascent Lint, Meridian CDC, and Meridian RDC static sign-off tools for the OpenTitan open-source project. lowRISC adopted Real Intent’s tool suite to enhance its design sign-off process efficiency.

lowRISC is a non-profit company that, with the support of its partners, provides a neutral home to develop and maintain open-source silicon designs, tools, and firmware. Their in-house full-stack engineering capabilities enable the hosting and management of high-quality collaborative projects such as the OpenTitan silicon root of trust, the Ibex 32-bit RISC-V core and the Sunburst project.

“Real Intent’s static sign-off tools have been a fundamental part of the design and verification process for the OpenTitan project,” remarked Gavin Ferris, CEO at lowRISC. “Following recommendations from its partners, lowRISC chose Real Intent’s Ascent Lint, Meridian CDC, and Meridian RDC based on the clear, low noise reporting, and excellent customer support across their tool suite.”

Ascent Lint is integrated into the OpenTitan project's development flow. Engineers who are working with OpenTitan IP can benefit from the pre-defined Ascent Lint setup, which conforms to the lowRISC Verilog Coding Style guide and has all the files necessary for running Ascent Lint – including the run script.

“Real Intent is pleased that lowRISC is leveraging our static sign-off solutions to realise productivity gains for an exciting application such as OpenTitan – the first open-source silicon project to reach commercial availability,” said Prakash Narain, Real Intent president and CEO.

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