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14th February 2024
TimeProvider 4500 Series provides high-speed network interfaces

The operators of critical infrastructure market segments such as 5G telecommunications, power utilities, and transportation need to continuously upgrade their networks with technology capable of delivering higher processing speeds and highly accurate time sources that are not dependent on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations like GPS, GALILEO, and QZSS.

Cyber Security
9th February 2024
Microchip earns Certification in ISO/SAE 21434 road vehicle

As the automotive industry increasingly relies on wireless and in-vehicle network connectivity for everything from infotainment to engine systems, the imperative for stringent cybersecurity measures has grown.

8th February 2024
Microchip earns ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicle certification

As everything from infotainment to engine systems in the automotive industry becomes more dependent on wireless and in-vehicle network connectivity, the need for robust cyber security measures has increased.

24th January 2024
Microchip releases PIC16F13145 family of MCUs

Microchip is now offering a tailored hardware solution with the launch of its PIC16F13145 family of microcontrollers (MCUs).

19th January 2024
Microchip launches new remote temperature sensors

Microchip has launched the MCP998x family of 10 automotive-qualified remote temperature sensors.

17th January 2024
New Ethernet switches with Time-Sensitive Networking and scalable bandwidth

The growth of the industrial automation market encompasses innovative technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and robotic systems. Embedded solutions with deterministic communication are essential for industrial automation applications to control, monitor, and process data.

Component Management
17th January 2024
Microchip Technology announce Ethernet switches with TSN and flexible port bandwidths

Microchip Technology has unveiled its innovative LAN969x series of Ethernet switches. These next-gen switches are equipped with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) capabilities and offer scalable bandwidths ranging from 46 Gbps to 102 Gbps, powered by a robust 1 GHz single-core Arm Cortex-A53 CPU.

6th December 2023
Press-fit terminal power modules from Microchip

Microchip has announced its portfolio of SP1F and SP3F power modules are now available with Press-Fit terminals for high-volume applications.

News & Analysis
4th December 2023
Microchip expands strategic R&D commitment in the UK

Microchip has announced the inauguration of a major new facility at Cambridge Research Park, Cambridge, UK.

27th November 2023
Microchip introduces new standard of enhanced code security

With an increasing number of everyday items, from mobile phones and vehicles to smart thermostats and home appliances, being connected to the Cloud, the importance of advanced security measures at the chip level is paramount.

15th November 2023
Microchip release latest TrustAnchor Security IC

As vehicles become increasingly connected and technologically sophisticated, the necessity for enhanced security measures escalates.

15th November 2023
Microchip MPLAB XC-DSC compiler for dsPIC DSCs

Microchip Technology has introduced the MPLAB XC-DSC Compiler to enhance coding and debugging for developers working with dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), commonly used in real-time control systems.

8th November 2023
800G Active Electrical Cables (AECs) used for generative AI networks

As generative AI and AI/ML technologies advance, the demand for high-speed connections grows, leading to a surge in 800G connectivity needs within data centre networks and related applications.

18th October 2023
Microchip’s Detroit Automotive Technology Centre expands

The automotive industry is evolving at a rapid pace, with e-mobility and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) driving the market’s need for innovative solutions.

10th October 2023
32-Bit MCU with embedded hardware security module

To allow designers to easily integrate security into their applications, Microchip Technology has announced a new family of PIC32CZ CA 32-bit microcontrollers with a 300 MHz Arm Cortex-M7 processor, an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM), and a wide range of connectivity and Flash memory options for added flexibility.

28th September 2023
Microchip FPGAs speed intelligent Edge designs and reduce development cost and risk

Designing systems for the intelligent Edge has never been more difficult. Market windows are shrinking, the costs and risks of new designs are rising, thermal constraints and reliability are twin priorities and the need for cradle-to-grave security continues to grow. 

27th September 2023
Microchip introduces first low pin count MCU family with I3C support

With the step-function increase in data collected and transmitted from cloud-connected edge nodes, Improved Inter Integrated Circuit (I3C) is rapidly becoming a more sustainable solution for interfacing sensors with a high data rate and will help expand capabilities in next-generation devices.

Artificial Intelligence
7th September 2023
Microchip launches MPLAB machine learning development suite

Microchip has launched a complete, integrated workflow for streamlined ML model development with its new MPLAB Machine Learning Development Suite.

Cyber Security
30th August 2023
Microchip’s PolarFire FPGA’s single-chip crypto design flow

Security is now an imperative for all designs in every vertical market. Today, system architects and designers received further evidence of the security of their communications, industrial, aerospace, defence, nuclear, and other systems relying on Microchip Technology’s PolarFire FPGAs.

22nd August 2023
Gigabit Ethernet Switch with AVB/TSN and integrated PHYs

Industrial automation and digital transformation are driving market growth for scalable and standardised networking solutions to address the needs of commercial Operational Technology (OT) deployments.

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