Microchip release latest TrustAnchor Security IC

15th November 2023
Kristian McCann

As vehicles become increasingly connected and technologically sophisticated, the necessity for enhanced security measures escalates.

In line with new government and automotive OEM cybersecurity requirements, which now encompass larger key sizes and the Edwards Curve ed25519 algorithm standards, Microchip Technology has launched its latest TrustAnchor Security IC, the TA101. This IC is adept at addressing complex automotive and embedded security scenarios, supporting substantial key sizes up to ECC P521, SHA512, RSA-4K, and AES256. It offers heightened security strength that surpasses existing standards and allows for future adjustments while retaining compatibility with smaller keys. The TA101 is available in two forms: as an industrial-grade CryptoAuthentication Security IC and as a CryptoAutomotive Security IC, supporting AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified devices.

The TA101, a new addition to Microchip's security IC portfolio, is specifically engineered for automotive security, data centre, and industrial applications. This cryptographic companion device collaborates with microcontrollers (MCUs) or microprocessors (MPUs) to manage cryptographic functions, including public key infrastructure, certificate management, and secure key storage. It enables easy patch updates, message authentication, Transport Layer Security (TLS), secure boot, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), firmware updates, security enhancements, transfer of ownership, key management, and WPC Qi 1.3 authentication.

Nuri Dagdeviren, Corporate Vice President of Microchip's Secure Computing Group, highlighted the importance of OEMs not just adhering to current standards but also anticipating future security needs. "By incorporating key sizes linked to 256 bits of security strength, the TA101 offers significant key strength diversity for current and future applications," he stated. "Additionally, Microchip's modular security solution approach allows clients to select an MCU that is ideally sized and priced for the intended application, whilst standardising a single security solution that fulfils almost all security requirements."

The TA101 proposes an alternate architecture to the on-die multicore MCU/MPU management of in-vehicle networking. It offers an off-chip component for secure boot and message authentication, compatible with a wide array of MCUs or MPUs. This versatility enables cost-effective, swift market entry solutions.

The TA101 incorporates the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) required 1.0 suite of algorithms and the ed25519 curve within a single IC. Preprogrammed and provisioned in Microchip Common Criteria ALC_DVS.2 certified facilities, it reduces risks associated with secure code development and implementation. For further details on Microchip’s automotive security portfolio, visit the CryptoAutomotive Security IC page on their website.

Development Tools: The TA101 is backed by the CryptoAuth Trust Platform Development Kit and several TA101 socket boards featuring a mikroBUS connector. These socket boards are also compatible with the mikroBUS Xplained Pro Extension Board, linking to a vast range of Xplained Pro boards for SAM MCU-centric design development.

The TA101 AUTOSAR Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) adheres to ASPICE Level 2 standards. Microchip’s CryptoAuthentication Library software ensures seamless integration into industry-standard operating systems or bespoke software stacks for cryptographic functions. The Trust Platform Development Suite (TPDS) assists in configuring prototypes and preparing them for provisioning at Microchip’s secure factories.

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