Zero-ohm jumpers boast current ratings from 10A to 50A

7th October 2022
Mick Elliott

KOA has introduced the TLRZ series of metal plate zero-ohm jumpers which allow extremely high currents in very small package sizes compared with standard thick film jumpers.

They are in stock at distributor Anglia Components.

Available in four sizes with current ratings from 10A to 50A, the TLRZ series of metal plate zero-ohm jumpers are ideal devices for designs where thick film jumpers cannot handle the high currents required such as in Motor Drive applications.

The TLRZ series are rated at 10A for 0402 size, 26A for 0603 size, 31.6A for 0805 size and 50A for 1206 size.

Standard thick film jumpers typically have a resistance of around 50mΩ, this resistance value while being perfectly adequate for low current applications will dissipate too much power in higher current designs and will push the device outside its current limits.

As a comparison, a standard 0805 size thick film jumper is rated up to currents of 5A whereas the equivalent sized TLRZ part can carry up to 31.6A, a six fold increase in current handling capability. The TLRZ also have excellent high current single pulse endurance.

The TLRZ series are ideal for replacing thick film devices in existing designs where these parts are struggling with current capacity, or on new designs where space is at a premium, for example the TLRZ 0402 size allows for a higher current rating than a traditional 2512 thick film jumper.

These devices are also useful in ‘versioned’ circuits where some functionality is omitted on certain versions, but where the same PCB is used for all variants.

In this case the jumper can be used to connect power to the wider functionality circuit blocks.

The TLRZ series of metal plate high current zero-ohm jumpers are suitable for a range of applications including motor drives, automotive, industrial, networking and communications equipment, consumer devices and white goods.

Anglia Components is offering free samples of the KOA zero-ohm jumpers

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