Subminiature switch features 13.5 VDC rated voltage

26th July 2022
Mick Elliott

The D2GW sealed ultra subminiature switch from Omron is being offered by Heilind Electronics as part of its full line of switching product solutions.

Omron's D2GW sealed ultra subminiature basic switch offers what is said to be the smallest class size in the industry and has a volume ratio that is 62% the size of conventional types.

It measures only 8.3 mm x 6.5 mm x 5.3 mm and features a 13.5 VDC rated voltage as well as a 10 mA resistive load.

The series’ fixed slit saves space on customer units and provides a slim form, while a bilaterally symmetrical shape contributes to simpler designs.

The switches also offer versatile actuator variation, which enables support for various operating bodies (e.g. shapes, materials, and operations).

Press-fit terminals enable solderless contact.

Double-sided twin sliding contacts provide quiet operation and superior performance, and help in eliminating foreign material by a wiping action that reduces the influence of film and removes dust build-up on contacts.

Micro-load support further enhances the switches’ contact reliability.

Omron D2GW switches are an ideal solution for EV charging stations, electronic locks, security devices, metering devices, industrial equipment, and home appliances.

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