SDI connector simplifies PCB layout and reduces labour

16th March 2017
Alice Matthews

A Serial Digital Interface (SDI) compliant connector has been developed by Hirose that supports high transmission speeds up to 12Gbps. The miniature BNC75 series Radio Frequency (RF) connector features an optimised centre contact design that simplifies PCB layout and supports SMT processing, decreasing labour and assembly time. The BNC75 series connector supports 3, 6 and 12G transmission, and is available in thread-fastened and bulkhead versions. 

By supporting high-speed transmissions up to 12Gbps versus traditional SDI connectors, the BNC75 series can reduce the number of 3 or 6Gbps SDI connectors required in a design. This not only enables a reduction in the size of a device, but also decreases mating time and component costs.

The BNC75 Series helps reduce the size of broadcasting cameras, FA/commercial cameras, security cameras and medical equipment.

The BNC75 Series meets the 12G-SDI connector standard, offering high frequency performance that exceeds requirements up to the third harmonics (18GHz). The RF connector has a taper-shape single terminal design that generates high impedance matching performance at 75Ω. The single terminal design minimises signal reflection and improves frequency characteristics versus through hole technologies.

"The new BNC75 Series supports image data transmission equivalent to 12Gbps through a single line specified in the 12G-SDI standard. A unique terminal design offers higher frequency performance by eliminating impedance disruptions often found in existing technologies," said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Hirose Electric USA.

The ROHS certified connector has an operating temperature of -40 to 85°C.

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