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6th February 2020
Low profile push-push MicroSD connector

Hirose has produced a very low profile Push-Push MicroSD connector. Featuring a profile of only 1.15mm, the miniature DM3NW Series MicroSD connector enables smaller consumer electronic designs by reducing the volumetric space. The push/push type DM3NW Series MicroSD connector is well suited for a wide range of consumer electronic applications.

25th November 2019
Nano SIM card connector offers significant space-savings

Hirose has developed a card connector that supports both MicroSD and Nano SIM operation in one socket. The top slot of the user-friendly KP15B Series connector is used for a MicroSD card, while the bottom slot is for a Nano SIM card. The connector has a card detecting feature and a reverse card insertion prevention mechanism to ensure proper mating.

20th November 2019
Robust, compact and high-speed I/O connectors

HIROSE has developed the robust ix Industrial series of connectors for space-constrained industrial applications requiring high-speed signal transmission up to 10Gbps. The connector series reduces installation space by up to 75% compared to RJ45 solutions. 

19th July 2019
Wire-to-board connector extends locking options

Hirose has extended the locking options for its 2.0mm pitch DF51 Series wire-to-board connector. The new DF51K Series features a space-saving centre lock design. The user-friendly positive lock provides a clear tactile click and secures a reliable connection. Available in multiple widths, the centre lock lever offers high density mounting and enables easy operation.

12th July 2019
Flexible cable/flat printed circuit connectors series launched

HIROSE Electric has introduced the FH52K series of robust and reliable flat flexible cable/flat printed circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors. The FH52K series can withstand higher operating temperatures than the standard FFC/FPC connectors. The series has an extended temperature range of up to 125°C compared to the FH52 series. With this heat resistance capability, the connector satisfies the needs of severe automotive requirements.

13th June 2019
Low-profile connector reduces system size

Specialist in the development of innovative connector solutions, Hirose, has developed a versatile wire-to-board connector that enables OEMs to reduce the size of end devices. Part of the SignalBee connector family, the two millimetre pitch DF51 Series connector has a user-friendly positive lock that provides a clear tactile click and secures a reliable connection.

15th May 2019
High-voltage power connector offers space savings

Developer of innovative connector solutions, Hirose, has announced a high-voltage waterproof connector for harsh environment conditions including automotive applications like electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). Featuring a compact, low-profile design, the HVH-280 Series offers space-savings of up to 40% when compared to competing connectors.

2nd April 2019
Enhanced current carrying capacity for wire-to-board connectors

Developer of innovative connector solutions, Hirose, has expanded the current carrying capacity of the EnerBee power connector family. The DF60 Series wire-to-board connector now supports applications requiring current ratings up to 65A. Featuring a compact space-saving design, the DF60 Series power connector has a pitch of only 10.16mm. 

15th March 2019
Waterproof industrial push-on bayonet lock connector

Specialist manufacturer in connectors, HIROSE Electric, has introduced its new robust lightweight circular EM30M Series. The series is suited to connect wind power generation systems, medical equipment, and factory automation machinery applications. The push-on bayonet lock saves users time and reduces the risk of electrical shock with the IP2X rated specification designed for contact touch protection against access to hazardous parts.

29th January 2019
In-line power connector features single action lock

HIROSE Electric has introduced the EF2 series of robust power connectors to meet the increased demand for high powered connectors offering advanced reliability for industrial equipment. The EF2 series consists of DIN rail mount type in-line power connectors that uses a single action robust lock connection method for inserting standard ring terminals to maintain a stable and secure connection.

22nd January 2019
Wire-to-board connectors designed for range of applications

  HIROSE Electric has introduced the DF51 series of robust Wire-to-Board Connectors for applications requiring more strength and durability. A wide range of applications are suitable such as industrial machinery, medical devices, smart meters, and industrial robots.

17th October 2018
USB Type-C connector product offering for high current requirements

  The compact USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector family from Hirose with the introduction of four new versions that offer high current performance, waterproof certification and vertical orientation for enhanced design flexibility in a compact form factor. 

3rd September 2018
High current connector offers resistance to rough handling

HIROSE Electric has introduced its new robust lightweight circular EM52M Series. The series is suitable to connect wind power generation systems, medical equipment, and factory automation machinery applications. The push-on bayonet lock save designers valuable time and reduce the risk of electrical shock with the IP2X rated specification designed for finger protection against access to hazardous parts.

2nd August 2018
Board-to-board connector delivers high transmission speeds

Hirose has developed a miniature board-to-board connector that combines a rugged design with high-speed transmission speeds of more than 10Gpbs to support a number of industrial applications. Featuring a pitch of only 0.8mm pitch, the ER8 Series contacts are optimised for signal integrity performance, ensuring reliable high-speed performance.

13th June 2018
Industrial connector offering expanded

Expanding its ix Industrial Series product offering, an insulation displacement connector (IDC) plug assembly for faster installation and a 'B' Key version for non-Ethernet applications has been introduced by Hirose, a the development of innovative connector solutions.

8th November 2017
Connectors support high speed transmission for industrial applications

  HIROSE has introduced the ER8 series of connectors that supports high speed transmission of more than 10Gbps for industrial applications.

16th October 2017
Connector combines higher power rating with lower profile

Hirose has launched a miniature FPC-to-board connector designed for power line connection in portable devices such as drones, IoT modules, laptops, medical devices, smart phones, tablets, wearables and more. With a space-saving design that includes a 0.35mm pitch, stacking height of only 0.6mm, and depth of 1.7mm, the low-profile BM28 Series hybrid FPC-to-board offers design flexibility and enables the miniaturisation of portables devices.

26th September 2017
Miniature connector suitable for industrial Ethernet

At ENOVA Paris which took place 19th to 21st September 2017, Electronic Specifier met with Hirose Electric Europe. The Japanese connector company were excited to present its new products for the first time in France, and we got the chance to interview John de Graaf (pictured), Hirose’s Deputy General Manager for Sales and Marketing. At the show, Hirose presented its ix Industrial connector which features a small and robust de...

20th July 2017
FFC/FPC connectors meet harsh automotive requirements

Suitable for industrial and automotive applications, HIROSE has introduced the FH63 series range of Flat Flexible Circuit/ Flat Printed Circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors to allow automated insertion of a FFC/FPC. The connector series is 105°C heat resistant and meets severe automotive requirements, and supports the signal transmission requirements of Embedded Display Port 1.3, HDMI 1.4a, USB 3.0, and V-by-One HS.

6th July 2017
Compact connector for development of thinner portable devices

Designer and manufacturer of innovative connector solutions, Hirose, has developed a compact flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector that offers a low-profile of only 0.5mm with a space-saving 0.25mm pitch and depth of 3.15mm when locked. The FH64MA series contributes to profile reduction in a variety of portable and consumer devices including active trackers, electronic labelers, laptops/tablets, portable audio players, portable gaming devices,...

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