Electrolube makes a stand with new Products at the Australian NMW Exhibition

With just days to go until the start of the National Manufacturing Week Exhibition in Sydney, Electrolube, the leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries, is preparing to present its full product range, including a number of new additions.

Specialist advisors will be available to discuss the most suitable product to meet customers cleaning requirements and introduce new products, including one of the most popular new releases to Electrolube’s portfolio, the non-VOC conformal coating range.
Since its introduction the range has generated widespread interest in Europe and Asia and demand for the product has been impressive. It is hoped that NMW will be an excellent platform in which to introduce the product to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
NVOC is a flexible, moisture cure, conformal coating based on polyurethane technology for the protection of electronic circuitry. Electrolube has developed its non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) conformal coating range to meet the high performance of solvent-based coatings with minimal changes to processing parameters. NVOC conformal coating has been tested to recognised standards in the electronics industry and is a viable and unique alternative to many solvent based conformal coatings.

With the increased awareness of the environmental effects of high VOC containing products, Electrolube has developed the NVOC conformal coating products to meet environmental expectations. The new range offers all the environmental benefits without losing the products purpose of being able to protect whilst adhering to a wide variety of substrates and having excellent resistance to mould growth. The products also offer greater coverage, less waste, no solvent emissions upon cure and expensive curing equipment is not required. The range, which includes a high viscosity gel and aerosol version, ticks all the boxes, from environmental issues to outstanding performance.

Electrolube will also exhibit ER2218, an ultra-low viscosity, flame retardant epoxy resin. The product is a two part encapsulation compound, designed to meet the highest level of flame retardency and adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, whilst exhibiting excellent resistance to water and a number of different chemicals, to provide superior protection in a range of environments.

In addition to ER2218, Safewash Total will be on display. As an additional product to Electrolube’s established ‘Safewash’ cleaning range, the product is part of the most effective group of water-based cleaners available on the market and is currently in use by many major manufacturers worldwide. Offering superior cleaning with the advantage of non-flammable properties, low odour and non-VOC and very low toxicity, the Safewash range is designed for the removal of a wide range of residues and contaminants from printed circuit boards, with all types of application methods, including dishwasher, in-line pressure systems, ultrasonic and spray under immersion. The product is also used for the removal of solder pastes and adhesives from screens, stencils, PCB’s and related accessories.

Electrolube Australia are also distributors for the Hakko soldering range of products for Australia and New Zealand regions. The new FX-888 Hakko Soldering station, an excellent thermal recovery for lead free soldering and leaded solder applications will be on display.

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