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28th July 2021
UR5118 resin suitable for IoT RF sensor application

As the world witnesses the rapid rise of the IoT revolution, sensor usage is being leveraged to a whole new level. Electrolube, the global manufacturer of electro-chemicals, has collaborated with device manufacturers to ensure RF signals, components and sensors are reliably protected. Sensors detect and respond to changes in an environment with inputs from a variety of sources such as light, temperature, motion and p...

Component Management
28th July 2021
UR5118 resin suitable for IoT RF sensor application

As the world witnesses the rapid rise of the IoT revolution, sensor usage is being leveraged to a whole new level. Electrolube has collaborated with device manufacturers to ensure RF signals, components and sensors are reliably protected. Sensors detect and respond to changes in an environment with inputs from a variety of sources such as light, temperature, motion and pressure.

Component Management
21st July 2021
PU resin selected for car park sensor application

Smart Cities are rapidly evolving and sensor technology plays a vast role in the new IoT revolution that’s unfolding before us. Electrolube has collaborated with a customer on a new car park sensor application for its PU resin. In this particular application, sensor technology is used to direct drivers to available parking spots, highlighting empty spaces on maps and offering directions to them.

Component Management
30th June 2021
Calibration of 2K conformal coatings demonstrated

In response to ever increasing performance challenges, Electrolube has developed a new generation of two-part 2K conformal coatings to provide even greater protection. 2K coatings match the protection offered by an encapsulation resin with the easy application of a coating and have been rigorously tested in a variety of harsh tests, including thermal shock, powered salt-spray, condensation and mixed flowing gas (MFG) testing, with unprecedented r...

Component Management
11th May 2021
New two-part conformal coating how-to video series

Following the successful uptake of the two-part 2K conformal coating by manufacturers in a myriad of industries, Electrolube has announced a new series of ‘how-to’ videos to demonstrate how simple it is to accommodate the advanced two-part coating system into existing dispensing systems.

Component Management
26th February 2021
UVCL coating increases durability of EV batteries

With the rise in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, protecting battery systems from harsh environments has never been more critical. The secret to enhancing battery performance, safety and reliability lies in implementing the most effective electro-chemical protection materials, particularly given the increasing trend towards high-capacity, fast charging battery packs. Electrolube’s portfolio of resins, coatings and thermal management...

5th November 2020
Electrolube appoints new European Sales Manager

Electrolube has announced the appointment of Carolyn McAllister as European Sales Manager. With a degree in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, McAllister joined the company six years ago and initially worked as part of the Research and Development team, working closely with Electrolube’s Technical Director of Coatings, Phil Kinner, to develop some cutting edge Conformal Coating solutions for the market.

Component Management
16th October 2020
Electrolube develops plant-based epoxy & PU bio resins

Electrolube has announced the success of its new sustainable range of epoxy and polyurethane bio resins in India. The new ‘Bio’ range of resins was initially addressed to provide customers with a cost-effective and high-performance alternative to conventional resins, using locally sourced materials.

15th October 2020
Electrolube India wins award for Best Innovative Solutions Provider

Electrolube has announced that its operation in India, Electrolube India PVT, has won an award for Best Innovative Solutions Provider by Electronics Maker’s 6th Best of Industry Awards 2020. The award will be presentedat an exclusive virtual award ceremony to be held on 15th October 2020.

Component Management
12th October 2020
Electrolube introduces AF International’s Anti-bac+ range

Anti-bac+ from AF International is well suited for manufacturing locations, customer offices, home working and so much more. Indeed, 2020 has demonstrated an unprecedented demand for the antibacterial EN registered range resulting in increased production requirements across our three global manufacturing sites.

4th September 2020
Electrolube speeds product selection with new websites

The specialist electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has announced the launch of its brand new product selection tool to help customers source the most pertinent products more easily for their application requirements.

Component Management
11th August 2020
New Electrolube products for battery thermal management

Electrolube has developed key thermal management and encapsulation resin products for battery protection including the thermal gap filler - GF400, non-silicone heat transfer compound HTCPX, - thermally conductive epoxy potting compound - ER2221, and soft polyurethane resin - UR5044.

22nd July 2020
Electrolube helps smart homes to become even smarter

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a platform enabling embedded devices connected to the internet, collect and exchange data with each other, creating the small networks that make up smart homes. Devices can begin to interact and work with each other, even learning from each other’s experience as humans do. The potential for the IoT and connectivity is endless, as everyday objects can connect and share intelligence (AI – artificial intel...

Component Management
15th June 2020
Electrolube IPA wipes for general purpose

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), demand for alcohol-based sanitising products has increased sharply, leading to global shortages of isopropyl alcohol. Electrolube has seen a dramatic rise in demand for its IPA wipes, IPA100, which quickly sold out globally amidst the pandemic due to their high isopropanol content.

20th May 2020
Electrolube joins cleaning and surface preparation debate

Electrolube will be participating in a digital debate, that was originally scheduled as a live panel discussion during SMTConnect 2020. Due to the event being postponed, the organisers have brought the debates forward in a series of online webinars, covering hot topics for the electronics community.

Component Management
20th April 2020
Nano-coating alternative gains additional traction

Electrolube has recently formulated and launched a brand new conformal coating product named FPC. The product (FPC) was specially developed as a nano-coating alternative to resolve a number of issues experienced by a specific user of surface modifier materials. 

Component Management
20th April 2020
Successful resin for two-wheeler EV batteries in India

Electrolube has announced the success of its ER2221 resin for the protection of two-wheeler EV batteries in popular vehicles in India. Electrolube’s customer, one of India’s two-wheeler manufacturers, approached Electrolube, widely known as the solutions people, to help improve a thermal management issue in one of their key products.

Component Management
3rd January 2020
Electrolube launch new UV coatings, resins and gap fillers

Electrolube is set to launch an innovative range of UV Conformal Coatings, Thermal Management solutions and Encapsulation Resins at this year’s IPC APEX EXPO, at the San Diego Convention Centre, CA, from 4-6th February. The company’s commitment to the evolving needs of its customers saw the launch of these new products reach an unprecedented level of success at Productronica recently, where Electrolube’s newly redesigned st...

18th December 2019
New coating, resin and thermal products a success in Germany

Electrolube recently launched to great acclaim, a new range of cutting-edge thermal management, encapsulation resin and UV conformal coating products at Productronica Munich. The new products garnered a high level of interest due to their impressive impact upon increasing throughput and reliability for manufacturers.

Component Management
4th November 2019
User-friendly resins make bow at productronica

Encapsulation resins from Electrolube will be making their debut at productronica 2019 in Munich ( November 12-15). These polyurethane and epoxy resins are all available in user-friendly kit sizes to meet every need, from prototyping and product development to full production.

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