Smart HMI solution built around dual-core architecture

22nd August 2023
Mick Elliott

In stock at authorised distributor Mouser Electronics is the SLN-TLHMI-IOT EdgeReady Smart HMI solution from NXP Semiconductors.

Integrating advanced graphics capabilities, hands-free far-field voice control and NXP's cutting-edge vision processing technology for face and gesture recognition, this 32-Bit embedded evaluation board leverages the power of the company's i.MX RT117H crossover microcontroller (MCU) as part of a complete Smart Human Machine Interface (SMHMI) solution.

The crossover MCU performs all face and gesture recognition and voice control entirely offline, helping to eliminate engineer concerns about using the cloud because of privacy and latency issues. This plug-and-play solution includes fully-integrated turnkey software, hardware reference designs, demo use cases and NXP's one-stop-shop support to minimize time to market, reduce risk, and maximize development efforts.

This Smart HMI solution features an Arm Cortex-M7 core, operating at up to 1 GHz, and a power-efficient Cortex-M4 core, running at up to 400 MHz.

Dual-core architecture packs plenty of performance and real-time response for edge machine learning (ML) and HMI multitasking, and the MCU is licensed to run NXP's face/gesture recognition, audio front-end and ML speech engine libraries.

Whether the user wants to incorporate ML, vision for face and gesture recognition, AFE-integrated far-field voice control, or a 2D graphical user interface (GUI), the i.MX RT117H and software framework can enable designers to mix and match functions to best fit their application and help simplify overall system design.

Combining the software framework, turnkey vision/voice algorithms, graphics display UI capabilities, memory resources (including 2 MB on-chip SRAM) and robust set of on-chip peripherals, this solution enables designers' complete flexibility to define and customise their applications for different SMHMI use cases.

Apart from the crossover MCU capabilities and functionality, other notable development features on the SLN-TLHMI-IOT include an optional 720P RBG or VGA IR image sensor, a 5.5-inch 720P MIPI LCD, and Voice seeker audio front-end (AFE).

Also available are microphone driver and audio capture capabilities (including an MQS driver and audio playback), camera drivers, image capture and pre-processing, built-in security, bootloader and application validation, an IR, RGB and two white LEDs, PIR sensor, and all the essential wireless drivers, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi.

The SLN-TLHMI-IOT also includes three plug-and-play out-of-the-box demo use cases (a Coffee Machine, Elevator and Smart Home Panel). The board is also supported by NXP's MCUXpresso IDE. Target applications include Smart appliances, IoT and remote conference systems.

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