Kontron introduces COM Express Basic Type 6

8th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

Kontron, a global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), introduces a new COM Express Basic Type 6 Module featuring the state-of the-art Intel CoreTM Ultra Meteor Lake-H/U series processors.

This new processor technology integrates multiple compute engines into one System-on-Chip (SoC), including P-cores, E-cores, Intel ArcTM GPU, and Intel AI Boost, an integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

Intel CoreTM Ultra processors provide multiple compute engines, including Intel AI Boost, in one SoC, enabling fast AI and vision processing without an entry-level discrete GPU for data inference, real-time control, and AI in a single platform. This helps to accelerate inference at the edge while reducing the need for a discrete accelerator and lowering system complexity and cost.

The COM Express basic Type 6 based on the Intel CoreTM Ultra Meteor Lake-H/U Series comes along with Performance Hybrid architecture supporting up to 16 cores (up to six P-cores, eight E-cores, and two LPE-cores), Intel ArcTM Graphics architecture with up to eight Xe-Cores (128EUs) and integrated NPU for dedicated AI acceleration. Up to 96GB of DDR5 memory, up to 2.5Gb Ethernet and optional NVMe SSDs onboard enable high and energy-efficient data throughput with low latency.

The new processor technology is well suited for machine vision and automation applications, even in space- and power-constrained environments. Users can expect faster results from AI, more media streams per device, and long-life availability for long-term value.

The new COM Express Basic module will be available from Q3 2024.

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