NEC supports cyber crime Investigation Training

2nd December 2020
Alex Lynn

NEC Corporation and Cyber Defense Institute have announced their support for the INTERPOL Digital Security Challenge (DSC), a virtual cyber crime investigation event that took place from October 12th to 16th. During the event, cyber crime investigation officers and experts in digital forensics from 50 countries came together to tackle a complex cyber crime scenario by exchanging knowledge and expertise.

The DSC aims to improve the cyber crime investigation capabilities of the police forces in INTERPOL member states. This was the fourth time that the event was held, following its establishment in 2016, and 100 individuals representing 50 countries from all over the world attended online.

Support for this event was based on a long-standing partnership between NEC and INTERPOL in the area of cyber security.

This year, NEC and Cyber Defense Institute developed exercise scenarios, data for malware transmission terminals, and data for analysis. This was in addition to the provision of analytical environments for exercises, and operational support throughout the exercises.

The event also addressed concerns related to new technology themes, such as forensic surveys of drones, and the analysis of file-less malware.

The NEC Group globally promotes its ‘Solutions for Society’ as part of supporting the social values of safety, security, efficiency, and equality. Going forward, NEC will continue to contribute to the improvement of cyber crime investigation capabilities throughout the world with the provision of more sophisticated environments for cyber crime surveillance and exercises.

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