Cryptomathic and Utimaco to enhance security and simplify compliance

7th May 2024
Sheryl Miles

Cryptomathic, a global specialist in data security and encryption, and Utimaco, a trusted name in global IT security, have strengthened their partnership to provide complete solutions in cryptographic key management, eSignatures, and payments issuance and authorisation.

The enhanced partnership will deliver closer alignment between Cryptomathic’s security software and Utimaco’s hardware security modules (HSMs), boosting security and business readiness for the threats of a post-quantum world.

In key management, Cryptomathic’s CrystalKey 360 – an all-in-one solution for managing cryptographic keys and HSMs through a single web-based application – will work in lockstep with Utimaco’s general purpose HSM. This will deliver joint customers unparalleled, industry-leading support, true crypto-agility, and post-quantum computing (PQC) readiness.

CrystalKey 360 is HSM agnostic and provides concurrent management of HSMs from multiple suppliers, so Utimaco customers can be confident of a smooth transition from their incumbent HSM supplier to the market leading general purpose HSM

As part of the partnership, Utimaco’s CryptoServer General Purpose HSM CC eIDAS version, combined with Cryptomathic’s Signer, have been jointly certified to offer the highest level of legal certainty under the eIDAS regulation. Customers will benefit from a certified Qualified Signature/Seal Creation Device, which makes it easy to demonstrate compliance as the devices and software are certified together.

In addition, technical standards enable interoperability, making the solution simple to integrate with anything from national ID schemes to legacy technology. The recent addition of e-sealing capability means that joint customers can use electronic seals to prove the integrity and origin of documents like invoices, government documents, or product manuals. 

Finally, Cryptomathic’s modular payment platform for issuers now seamlessly integrates with Utimaco’s AT1000 payment HSMs, offering joint customers the ability to manage all issuer jobs from a single point of access. This includes management and issuance of payment cards (including virtual cards for wallets), advanced PIN management functionality (including ‘PIN select’ or ‘PIN change’ on mobile), highly scalable transaction authorisation and an EMV compliant Certificate Authority for private payment schemes.

The strengthened partnership also boosts support for issuers as they move from on-premise solutions to the cloud. Moving through a hybrid model, joint customers will be able to modernise their payment setup without risking PCI compliance or negatively impacting the customer experience.

Cryptomathic’s Chief Revenue Officer, Anna Russell, explained: “As the scale of digital threats continues to grow every day, it is more important than ever to protect sensitive digital assets. By bringing together Cryptomathic and Utimaco’s jointly-held, industry leading expertise in security solutions, we are making it easier than ever for enterprises to streamline and future-proof their security operations.”

Cryptomathic and Utimaco have been working together successfully for many years,” said Scott Kemish, Vice President of Channel Sales and Partnerships at Utimaco. “We are happy to build on and strengthen this relationship in the context of our new u.nity partner program, to maximise partners’ business and  drive growth, while providing the highest level of security for our joint customers.”

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