Thistle Technologies integrates its technology with Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M

14th March 2024
Paige West

Infineon Technologies has unveiled a new collaboration with Thistle Technologies, a trailblazer in developing advanced security solutions for connected devices.

This partnership has led to the integration of Infineon's OPTIGA Trust M security controller, which boasts tamper-resistant hardware certified to Common Criteria EAL6+, with Thistle Technologies' Verified Boot technology. This integration empowers device designers to effectively safeguard their devices against firmware tampering and ensure the integrity of the software supply chain. Such enhanced security measures are crucial in sectors with stringent security demands, including healthcare, automotive, and device manufacturing.

Thistle Technologies' Verified Boot fortifies the boot process of IoT devices by conducting thorough integrity checks that cryptographically verify the firmware's authenticity, ensuring it hasn't been altered. This technology caters to a diverse array of IoT devices within smart homes, cities, and buildings, offering a streamlined adoption process that minimises development efforts. Utilising the strong security features of Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M, notably its hardware-based root-of-trust, this solution delivers robust defence mechanisms against unauthorised firmware changes and complex cyber threats.

Vijayaraghavan Narayanan, Senior Director and Head of Edge Identity & Authentication at Infineon, reflected on the partnership: “Since the start of our partnership in January 2023, Thistle has developed a software integration for our OPTIGA Trust M within Linux to extend our hardware capability into the application software domain for Linux-based system architectures. The new solution enables our shared customers to quickly enhance the security of their development.”

Window Snyder, CEO of Thistle Technologies, also commented on the collaboration: “Integrating our Verified Boot technology with Infineon's OPTIGA Trust M is a significant step forward in making it easy to incorporate sophisticated security capabilities into devices quickly.”

The OPTIGA Trust M security controller is currently available for order, offering a tangible solution for designers looking to bolster the security framework of their devices.

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