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24th April 2024
ZESTRON to exhibit at PCIM Europe

ZESTRON has announced that it will be exhibiting its power and signal solutions at PCIM Europe 2024.

28th September 2023
ZESTRON exhibits at Productronica

If you want to find out about reliability in power and signal electronics, especially in the high-voltage and e-mobility sectors, ZESTRON's stand at Productronica is the place to be.

10th August 2020
Improved application engineering Team at ZESTRON Europe

ZESTRON Europe has welcomed two new process engineers to its Application Engineering department. The specialist electronic cleaning company from Ingolstadt, Germany, is expanding its technical customer support service with Milena Stephan M.Sc. and Benedikt Endreß M.Sc.

Component Management
7th August 2020
ZESTRON Bath Analyzer for concentration measurement

In order to achieve good cleaning results consistently, the cleaner concentration in the cleaning bath should remain constant. The concentration can change through various process factors like carry-over or thinning. It is therefore advisable to check the concentration over time. A simple method for regular concentration checks is the ZESTRON Bath Analyzer. 

Component Management
28th January 2020
Fast and precise cleaner concentration measurement for machines

The ZESTRON EYE Mobile is a mobile digital concentration measurement device that can monitor the concentration of different cleaning chemistry used in up to ten stencil or PCB assembly cleaning machines. The device’s easy-to-use touchscreen menu guides the user through the concentration measurement process, resulting in precise measurements.

5th December 2019
pH-neutral PCB cleaner established on the market

Since its launch in 2009 as a pH-neutral PCB cleaner, ZESTRON’s VIGON N 600 has been used internationally in the fields of aerospace, military, automotive, and telecommunications. Based on MPC (Micro Phase Cleaning) technology, VIGON N 600 removes a wide range of flux residues.

Component Management
5th June 2019
Cleaning agents ensure optimal copper deoxidation

The cleaning agents of the VIGON PE Series for Power Electronics have been successfully established in the market and are reportedly qualified by leading power module manufacturers. Each cleaning agent provides good cleaning performance and reliably removes flux residues from power modules/DCBs after die attach or heat sink soldering. 

8th August 2018
Technical cleanliness in electronics: training with experts

  The increasing performance of sensor systems and the growing integration of power electronics in vehicles open new worlds of the future. At the same time, they increase the risk of particles and any kind of contamination.

Test & Measurement
1st September 2017
Ion chromatography technique leads to cleaner PCBs

PCB cleanliness can be evaluated in accordance with the latest industry standards using a variety of test techniques. In Zestron's Analytical Centre one of the comprehensive methods applied is ion chromotography. This highly sensitive analytical method provides a detailed report of anions, cations and weak organic acids on PCBAs according to IPC-T-650 2.3 28A.o

Component Management
4th May 2017
Zestron plans to clean up at SMT Hybrid Packaging

At SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017, ZESTRON plans to feature cleaning agents as well as  cleaning machines from leading manufacturers.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about different innovative cleaning technologies surrounding PCB and stencil cleaning applications.  ZESTRON’s team of process engineers as well as representatives of cleaning equipment manufacturers will be available to answer questions regarding c...

Component Management
4th March 2017
Video describes optimum cleaning process

A new video from ZESTRON Europe, global provider of cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, explains how electronic board manufacturers can find an optimum cleaning process.

Component Management
23rd February 2017
Defluxing agent for spray-in-air processes

ZESTRON has introduced its latest defluxing agent for power electronics and PCBs. VIGON PE 190A has been specifically developed for cleaning power electronics in spray-in-air processes. Due to its alkaline formulation, it is said to provide excellent performance when it comes to deoxidizing copper substrates.

Component Management
25th October 2016
Single-phased SMT stencil cleaning agent

ZESTRON has introduced a single-phased stencil cleaner “HYDRON SC 300”.  A water-based product it not only removes solder pastes, but also SMT adhesives at room temperature without any pigment residues on the surfaces as well.

Component Management
26th September 2016
Cleaning agent for Power Electronics and PCBs

ZESTRON, global provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries presents its latest cleaning agent for Power Electronics and PCBs. VIGON PE 180 is a water-based, pH-neutral cleaning agent developed especially for defluxing lead frames, discrete devices, power modules, power LEDs and PCBs in spray-in-air equipment.

Component Management
20th July 2016
Video shows how to clean soldering ovens

ZESTRON Europe has released an instructional video on manual soldering oven cleaning on its YouTube channel. The video details how to use the water-based cleaning agent, VIGON RC 303, which has been developed specifically for the manual removal of residues in reflow ovens and wave solder machines.

Component Management
21st May 2016
Learn about surface cleanliness in online training course

In this 45 minutes training online, the participants will learn what requirements the assembly’s surface quality needs to meet in order to maximize bond adhesion and minimize standard deviation are provided. They will also get an overview of various test methods for assessing surface quality, the cleanliness standards needed to be met to achieve optimum bonding is reviewed.

Test & Measurement
22nd April 2016
Measuring ionic residues on electronic PCBAs

ZESTRON has added Ion Chromatography to its comprehensive analytical methods. This highly sensitive analytical method provides a detailed report of anions, cations and weak organic acids present on PCBAs according to IPC-TM-650. Thereby, critical substances such as bromide or chloride and their amount can be determined.

Component Management
22nd March 2016
Automatic concentration control in PCBA cleaning

When PCBAs are cleaned a lot of factors influence the cleaning result. There are not only the residues which have been cleaned from the PCBAs but also process-dependent influences like evaporation or transportation of cleaner into the rinsing stage. To achieve permanent good cleaning results, continuous monitoring of the cleaning bath is recommended. For this purpose, manual and automatic methods exist.

Component Management
2nd March 2016
Automatic concentration management technology for cleaning processes

ZESTRON will be exhibiting the ZESTRON EYE CM at IPC APEX EXPO. It is an automatic concentration management closed loop control system for aqueous based cleaning processes. Incorporating the ZESTRONEYE 3P-Technology, the ZESTRON EYE CM measures and controls wash bath concentration in real-time.

Events News
18th February 2016
Advanced training for the production process of electronic assemblies

Management and Production personnel from the electronics and electrical engineering industry can update their skills, easily and directly, right from their desk with the online training from the ZESTRON Academy.

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