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Fast and precise cleaner concentration measurement for machines

28th January 2020
Alex Lynn

The ZESTRON EYE Mobile is a mobile digital concentration measurement device that can monitor the concentration of different cleaning chemistry used in up to ten stencil or PCB assembly cleaning machines. The device’s easy-to-use touchscreen menu guides the user through the concentration measurement process, resulting in precise measurements.

The user only needs to select the measurement profile preconfigured with the proper system parameters, and the ZESTRON EYE Mobile does the rest.

If the measurement results are outside the preconfigured application concentration, the user receives a recommendation to add either cleaning chemistry or DI water to correct the concentration.

The battery-powered process optimisation equipment also provides complete documentation and storage of measurement results for process control and traceability. The data is then transferable to a PC via the included software.

The ZESTRON EYE Mobile is a multi-process alternative to the original ZESTRON EYE, whose sensor is installed directly into the machine and continuously monitors the cleaning agent concentration.

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