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7th July 2017
UK Wind Lidar Production Centre to open by the end of 2017

ZephIR Lidar has confirmed that the UK Wind Lidar Production Centre will officially open by the end of 2017, in response to the increasing demand for more accurate wind measurements in the development, construction and operation of wind farms worldwide. The Centre is complete with electronics and optical assembly clean rooms for producing, testing and servicing laser-based lidar units.

11th April 2017
Solution provides effective wind measurements in complex terrain

In order to produce a packaged 'white box' solution, where the different stages of processing are clearly visible to the user, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provider Meteodyn has collaborated with wind lidar company ZephIR Lidar. This addresses the challenge of taking lidar wind measurements in complex terrain. Data from lidars are now widely considered as being bankable for use in wind resource assessment campaigns.

15th March 2017
IEC standard sees acceptance for wind lidars

  The international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electrotechnology, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), has published a standard to deliver the technical basis for the acceptance of lidar measurements for wind turbine power performance testing and wind resource assessments.

20th December 2016
Reviewed procedure for measuring wind turbine power

The most widely reviewed industry procedure released to date, describes in a practical manner the main steps to using a nacelle-mounted wind lidar to measure a wind turbine power curve, closely following guidelines such as IEC 61400-12-1 CD. The reviewers include experts from Siemens, DONG Energy, DTU Wind Energy, RES (Renewable Energy Systems) and Natural Power.

31st August 2016
Wind lidar training received in Morocco

What is thought to be the first wind lidar, a ZephIR DM, has been deployed in Morocco, by Moroccan energy company, NAREVA Holding. Demonstrating their leadership in technology solutions to maximise potential project value, the announcement follows the company’s acquisition of the lidar in connection with the 200 MW Akhenfir Wind Farm. 

9th August 2016
Wind farm developer look to lidars for answer

“By adding ZephIR 300 wind lidars into our anemometry programme we are proactively reducing the uncertainty associated with the wind measurement of our future wind farm developments," says Lambert Kleinjans, Project Manager – Financing and Construction - at EnergieKontor UK. 

28th July 2016
Optimising wind energy production

Earlier this year Vestas revealed that it was working on optimising wind energy production and lowering the cost of energy by testing a multi-rotor concept demonstrator. Today, it has been confirmed that the concept demonstrator uses the remote sensing technology from ZephIR Lidar, an approved Vestas lidar supplier.

19th July 2016
Jack-up vessel ensures safe lifting at offshore wind farm

The Block Island Offshore Wind Farm project in Esbjerg, Denmark, has employed the jack-up installation vessel, Brave Tern, from Fred. Olsen Windcarrier.

27th June 2016
Lidar system for Taiwan's offshore wind

  The wind lidar, ZephIR 300, shall be used within the Taiwanese wind industry for profiling wind conditions remotely up to 200m without the need of a met mast, as confirmed by Smartec Scientific Corp (Smartec).

21st April 2016
Infinis wind farm sees 'industry first'

Infinis has confirmed the successful installation of a wind lidar in replace of a permanent met mast at its 43 MW A’Chruach Wind Farm. Thought to be an industry first, the company has integrated the lidar – a ZephiR 300 – into the Senvion site SCADA system.

8th January 2016
Lidar-based turbine power performance launched in Europe

“With lidar-based wind measurements, taken with the ZephIR DM wind lidar, we are able to offer customers a new completely independent power performance test and optimisation for their wind turbines. ZephIR DM is the only lidar capable of full rotor diameter wind measurements, delivering a power curve measurement equivalent to current and future IEC guidelines. BBB has been working with lidar systems now for over five years and we look forwa...

19th October 2015
EDF deploys ZephIR Lidar technology

EDF Energy Renewables has successfully deployed wind lidar technology provided by ZephIR Lidar, to optimise site performance at the 144MW Fallago Rig Wind Farm in Scotland. The lidar, a ZephIR DM capable of wind measurements in advance of the turbine, was deployed by EDF ER Asset Management and O&M teams in less than eight hours and was fully operational in just minutes measuring wind data out to 300m in advance of the wind turbine.

14th October 2015
Wind lidar is marinised for offshore wind

ZephIR Lidar has announced the release of a fully-marinised wind lidar, ZephIR 300M, for the offshore wind and meteorological industries, founded on the company’s successful and finance-approved remote wind measurement device, ZephIR 300.

23rd September 2015
Infinis chooses ZephIR Lidar to optimise operational site performance

Infinis has announced the adoption of wind lidars from ZephIR Lidar as an alternative to traditional met masts to be deployed on a number of new sites within Infinis’ growing wind energy portfolio.

17th August 2015
European funding brings ZephIR 300 wind lidar to Malta

The University of Malta has successfully brought wind lidar technology to the country, with funding from an EU Project. The industry’s single most validated wind lidar, ZephIR 300, will be utilised by the University to assist with Degree programme course delivery and further research within the academic communities based at the University. Furthermore, the high-resolution 50Hz wind data will aid in the prospecting of coastal wind resources.

2nd June 2015
Study supports use of CFD/lidar system on complex terrain

Independent renewable energy consultancy Natural Power has released a groundbreaking study to be presented at the EWEA Wind Resource Assessment workshop, Helsinki, that will support the replacement of traditional met masts on sites featuring complex terrain, with a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) converted lidar campaign featuring ZephIR 300.

28th May 2015
Floating buoy's wind lidar collects metocean data

The EOLOS floating buoy featuring a ZephIR wind LiDAR, one of KIC InnoEnergy’s start-up projects, has won the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Innovators Award at the InnovEIT conference, Budapest, in recognition of the product’s potential to have a significant societal and economic impact.

Test & Measurement
22nd April 2015
Lidar addition enables floating laboratory

AXYS Technologies is looking to set the standard in floating lidar devices, having deployed a dual ZephIR 300 arrangement on the company's WindSentinel buoy, a world first. The WindSentinel ‘floating laboratory’ delivers a customised full suite of meteorological and metocean data, in addition to the wind speed & direction data used for resource assessment, to better inform the development of offshore wind farms.

16th April 2015
Lidar to boost productivity at offshore wind farm

ZephIR Lidar has announced that it has installed a turbine-mounted ZephIR DM wind lidar on the 270 MW Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, located 5 miles from the Skegness coast and operated by Centrica, Siemens Project Ventures and DONG Energy. The installation of the unit will help to identify opportunities where an improvement to production from the installed 75 Siemens 3.6 MW wind turbine generators can be achieved.

30th March 2015
Ivy League institution acquires 2 lidars to study turbulence

A pair of continuous wave ZephIR 300 wind lidars have been acquired by Ivy League institution Cornell University. The Lab took possession of two ZephIR 300 lidars, specialist equipment for ground-based remote sensing of wind flow in the atmosphere. The University selected ZephIR 300 in order to accurately, precisely measure the wind and turbulence interactions between the atmosphere and wind turbines.

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