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20th January 2015
Remote sensing rental supplier to offer lidar units

Dulas has confirmed plans to acquire a ‘fleet’ of ZephIR 300 and DM lidars, for rental to the UK and wider European market. This expansion adds to the company’s existing remote sensing business, currently comprised of sodar measurement sensors.

30th December 2014
3D WindScanner utilises Lidar to assess turbulence

The WindEEE Research Institute has confirmed the successful installation of a short-range 3D WindScanner, based on ZephIR Continuous Wave Lidar technology and supplied by the Wind Energy Department of the Technical University of Denmark, to study turbulence effects for wind turbines, buildings and structures.

19th November 2014
Lidar data achieves commercial acceptance

Fraunhofer has successfully validated a wind lidar buoy, confirming the commercial acceptance of wind data from the on-board ZephIR lidar for use in floating offshore energy assessments, according to the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator roadmap's criteria for the commercial acceptance of floating lidar technology.

17th November 2014
Warranty and service upgraded on lidars

ZephIR is now offering 3 years warranty and support, 3 year service interval and courtesy lidar cover as the standard support package on all new ZephIR 300 wind lidars. ZephIR Care is launched in response to the need for truly autonomous provision of wind data and allows users to operate ZephIR 300 in the field for unbroken measurement campaigns of 3 years.

3rd November 2014
LIDAR controls turbine yaw to boost power production

Hailed as 'an industry landmark moment', the feed-forward pitch control of an operational wind turbine with a ZephIR wind LIDAR system has been announced. The system delivers a reduction of structural turbine loads, creating opportunities to achieve a lower cost of energy for the industry through more optimal turbine design.

6th October 2014
Inch Cape Offshore Limited Lights Up Wind Farm with ZephIR Lidar, Supported by SgurrEnergy

Inch Cape Offshore Limited has successfully deployed a ZephIR 300 lidar on the historic Bell Rock lighthouse, 17km off the Angus coast.  ZephIR 300 has been mounted on a platform on the north east of the lighthouse using a specially designed support frame measuring wind direction and wind velocity and will augment wind measurements from onshore sources and from a dedicated offshore met mast that is expected to be installed in October 2014. T...

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