Infinis wind farm sees 'industry first'

21st April 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Infinis has confirmed the successful installation of a wind lidar in replace of a permanent met mast at its 43 MW A’Chruach Wind Farm. Thought to be an industry first, the company has integrated the lidar – a ZephiR 300 – into the Senvion site SCADA system.

This seamless SCADA integration, deployed at the 21-turbine site in Argyll, Scotland, has allowed Infinis to access the many benefits of wind lidar – increased measurement height, ease of installation, reduced health & safety risks –directly as part of the site SCADA provided by Senvion. Further lidar installations will be undertaken this Spring and Summer following Infinis’ commitment to move solely to ZephIR wind lidars across their UK portfolio both for ground-based permanent met mast replacements and for turbine-mounted deployment to measure in advance of the turbine for power curve assessments and yaw calibrations.

ZephIR 300 measures wind characteristics at heights above and beyond traditional met masts from just 10 up to 200m above the installed position. ZephIR 300 is accurate, reliable and affordable with every system uniquely subjected to an industry-approved validation process, part of which occurs at the UK’s Lidar and Sodar test site, ensuring repeatable finance-grade data.

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