Wind lidar is marinised for offshore wind

14th October 2015
Jordan Mulcare

ZephIR Lidar has announced the release of a fully-marinised wind lidar, ZephIR 300M, for the offshore wind and meteorological industries, founded on the company’s successful and finance-approved remote wind measurement device, ZephIR 300.

ZephIR is the single most experienced lidar operating offshore with extensive global offshore deployments across a 10 year track record including: the world’s first wind lidar to be used on a fixed platform; the world’s first wind lidar to be used on a floating platform; the first wind lidar to be accepted as DNV GL Stage 3 ‘bankable’ on a fixed platform and; the world’s first wind lidar to be deployed as standard in dual configuration on a buoy for resource assessment.

ZephIR has been selected by over 90% of all floating platform installations due to the unique properties this continuous wave lidar technology has to provide including range of measurements (10-200m from installed height), the fast data rate of 50Hz leading to natural resistance to the motion found offshore completely removing the need for mechanical motion compensation in most environments and its proven reliability offshore. Building on an already impressive list of offshore experience, ZephIR Lidar releases ZephIR 300M designed specifically for use offshore.

And, Zephir can now uniquely offer customers a non-exclusive license to the patent-approved application of the technology to operate on an offshore floating platform. ZephIR 300M provides 10-200m wind measurements ideal for site resource assessment offshore, power curve measurements and bankable Annual Energy Prediction (AEP) campaigns at the lowest cost of finance-grade lidar ownership available with no requirement for annual servicing or calibration within the three year service period.

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