Mitsubishi invests in Kyoto Fusioneering, a Kyoto University spin-off

17th May 2023
Harry Fowle

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is pleased to announce that it has acquired a stake in Kyoto Fusioneering (KF) through a third-party allotment of the latter's shares.

KF is a plant engineering company focused on fusion energy technologies. Its establishment in 2019 was based on decades of fusion research and development by Kyoto University. KF specialises in key components and integrated systems that are required in order to build fusion reactors and fusion power plants. KF's strategic aim is to build a fusion energy supply chain by leveraging Japan's leading manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, KF serves a wide range of fusion research institutions and startups around the world as clients. These advantages led to MC's decision to invest into KF.

Fusion energy can generate electricity without producing any CO2 emissions. Its primary fuel, namely hydrogen, is widely available in seawater, meaning that it could potentially represent an inexhaustible source of energy. There continues to be considerable global interest in fusion as the next generation of clean energy, one that could both help decarbonise our planet and secure stable supplies of energy. During its Integrated Innovation Strategy Promotion Council meeting on 14th April 2023, the Japanese government set out its ‘Fusion Energy Innovation Strategy,’ which outlines the country's vision to establish fusion energy as a new industry. The strategy also clarifies that cooperation among industry, academia and government must be accelerated in order to realise this vision. MC believes that the Kyoto University-born startup KF will lead such collaborations and help make this vision a reality.

In the Midterm Corporate Strategy, 2024 announced in May 2022, MC has set ‘Creating a New Future through Fostering New Industries/Regional Revitalisation’ as a pillar of its growth strategy. Accordingly, MC has been stepping up efforts to partner with industry and academia to help address various social issues through its business activities. The increased number of start-ups using the research results of universities and other institutions will not only solve social issues but also improve Japan's technological capabilities and industrial competitiveness. MC is taking steps to boost such entrepreneurial activity, as evidenced by its announcement on 13th April 2023 that it would be supporting the establishment of the ‘Kyoto University-Mitsubishi Corporation Startup Catapult,’ a program designed to promote the development and commercialisation of the technological capabilities and research findings of Kyoto University.

Through this investment, MC is further demonstrating its commitment to stimulate greater cooperation among industry, academia, and government. Moreover, MC plans to take full advantage of its own networks and industry connections to help create a new and carbon-neutral fusion energy industry. We remain dedicated to decarbonising our planet and securing stable supplies of energy both here in Japan and around the world.

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