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31st July 2019
Commercial embedded Linux benefits: long term savings

Commercially-supported embedded Linux is the best choice for embedded systems. It provides organisations with the support they need to create customised solutions at a fraction of the cost of developing them on your own. This is the second part, in a series about the main benefits of utilising a commercially-supported embedded Linux solution. Part 1 explains how commercial embedded Linux helps you get to market faster and part...

Cyber Security
31st July 2019
Urgent/11 further boosts VxWorks security

At Wind River, security is embedded in its DNA. It is part of the rich heritage of nearly 40 years in mission-critical systems. It is built into all the technologies it provides to help customers develop trusted and reliable solutions. Wind River take security extremely seriously, which is why the recent vulnerabilities discovered within the TCP/IP (IPnet) networking stack, dubbed “Urgent/11,” has resulted in the most secure VxWo...

29th July 2019
Commercial embedded Linux benefits: get to market faster

This is part one of a series on the benefits of utilising a commercially-supported embedded Linux solution. Part two outlines the long-term savings associated with commercial embedded Linux and part three reviews how you can simplify compliance management. Linux is the most popular choice for embedded solutions and is often considered the default environment for software developers.  Guest blog written by Pavan Singh, Wind River.

23rd July 2019
Easier installation, operations and maintenance at the Edge

The network edge may look like the land of opportunity for telcos seeking fertile ground to grow new revenue-generating services. For their network operations managers, however, ensuring the delivery of reliable services across disparate edge architectures and geographically dispersed sites of varying sizes could well look like a nightmare scenario. Indeed, operational complexity is one of the biggest challenges of edge cloud deployments. Guest ...

19th July 2019
Three factors that have changed the satellite industry forever

Multi-national corporations and startups alike have begun to tackle the emerging sector of commercial spacecraft. Known as 'new space,' it is the sector where companies are introducing new designs that propel them to the forefront of technological advancement, in areas such as 5G networking and imaging.  Guest blog written by Wind River Intern Ranjan Sikand.

16th July 2019
Bringing the benefits of Linux containers to OT

Linux container technology was introduced more than a decade ago and has recently jumped in adoption in IT environments. The OT (Operational Technology) environments, typically made up of heterogenous embedded systems, have however lagged in the adoption of container technologies due to both the unique technology requirements, and the business models that relied on proprietary systems. By Pavan Singh, Senior Director, Cloud-scale products at Win...

Aerospace & Defence
15th July 2019
Get the insider’s view on satellite technology today

The first US Weather Satellite weighed 270lbs. That made most people associate the word “satellite” with either a moon, a sputnik, or a modern rig with rocket motors, solar panels, and antennae. Is that still the case? Guest blog written by Andreea Volusincu, Wind River.

11th July 2019
Which embedded Linux?

Linux is the primary environment for a majority of software developers and is the solution of choice for embedded systems. Linux is ideal for embedded systems because it comes in so many flavours and varieties. However, this is also one of its biggest challenges. You want to make sure that you are using the right type of Linux to fit your particular use case. Guest blog written by Pavan Singh, Wind River.

5th July 2019
Commercial embedded Linux: prototype to production

Linux is the default environment for most software developers and is becoming increasingly popular for embedded solutions. However, one of Linux’s greatest strengths, and to some extent its biggest challenge, is that it comes in so many flavours and varieties —each well-suited to a particular use case. Commercial embedded Linux is often the popular choice for organisations looking for a customised solution with low-cost long...

Tech Videos
1st July 2019
Vehicle-to-Cloud OTA solutions for connected and autonomous cars

Wind River and Airbiquity are working towards integrating key technologies to develop an end-to-end software life cycle management solution for connected and autonomous vehicles, one that spans vehicle to cloud.

24th June 2019
Space as the final frontier? Simulate for safety!

Mythology tells the tale of Icarus burning his wings while flying too close to the sun. In the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci sketched a flight machine, and flight became a reality in the 20th century. We have always looked up into the sky for new frontiers. The US government alone plans to invest $20bn by 2027 for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, infrastructure like the ISS, planet exploration and other deep-...

19th June 2019
Why virtualisation holds the key to application portability

This week, at the Paris Air Show, new information was released on the cooperation between France and Germany for the next phase of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS). At previous announcements on the concepts, the program does not cover just a single aircraft, instead, it is a System-of-Systems that combines future fighter aircraft with unmanned systems (or remote carriers), legacy ground, air and space assets, and advanced networking ...

13th June 2019
5G, autonomous systems and the revenge of real time and determinism!

If you tend to look at the technology landscape through the lens of a cloud approach, you probably believe that infinite compute, storage and bandwidth are available to you thanks to the cloud. In terms of scalability and elasticity, IT and most of the popular PaaS have largely demonstrated that this is possible - just buy more compute, storage, services from your favorite cloud platform. Guest blog written by Michel Genard, Wind River.

7th June 2019
Co-existing with containers

Containers are widely regarded as the next big thing in telco virtualisation technology, but what about the service providers who have already deployed VM-based solutions? Some communications service providers have already started virtualising with virtual machines and VNFs and will want to continue that route for various reasons, but they will also want to adopt container-based technologies for the advantages they bring. Guest blog written by J...

5th June 2019
Duo team up to work on vehicle-to-cloud solutions for connected cars

Wind River and Airbiquity are working towards integrating key technologies to develop an end-to-end software life cycle management solution for connected and autonomous vehicles, one that spans vehicle to cloud. The solution will enable secure OTA software updates and data management. Proper and proactive management of software over the course of a vehicle’s life cycle is becoming increasingly important to enhance performance, maintain...

Cyber Security
31st May 2019
Testing against cyber-attacks with simulation technology

Cyber-security is often a story of the “weak link.” The following two recent cyber-security events involving USBs brings to light the importance of testing the system against cyber-attacks to eliminate this type of risk. Guest blog written by Michel Genard, Wind River.

Tech Videos
23rd May 2019
The what, why, and how of application portability for aerospace

Achieving application portability has been the ultimate goal of system suppliers in military and aerospace over the last decade.

21st May 2019
A community for safety certification on multi-core processors

Last week, Tim Skutt of Wind River, participated in one of a series of collaborative workshops on Multi-Core Processor (MCP) Certification at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base hosted by the US Army. Wait, was that a typo? No. The US Army Combat Capability Development Command (CCDC) Aviation and Missile Centre was indeed the host for a workshop at a US Air Force base.   Guest blog written by Tim Skutt, Wind River.

Artificial Intelligence
21st May 2019
Autonomous cars can learn much from aerospace and others

The safe transportation of passengers, strict industry standards and regulations, autonomous controls…does this sound like the imminent future for automobiles? Actually, this could describe the aerospace industry today. Consider also the stringent demands telecommunications and industrial/utilities companies must uphold when it comes to connectivity or reliability. Guest blog written by Marques McCammon, Wind River.

13th May 2019
Update: boost safety, security and value

In a world constantly hungry for innovation, software is a living thing. No matter which software architecture is in use within a car, it will have to be updatable. The consumer experience is constantly evolving as well. As new apps and mobile capabilities enter the market, new cyberthreats emerge and must be responded to quickly and effectively. Guest blog written by Marques McCammon, Wind River.

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