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26th October 2020
5G use cases: exploring 5G applications beyond telecom

One exciting aspect of 5G is its potential to transform whole industries beyond telecommunications. These industries will become huge new CSP customers. For example, 5G is expected to form the backbone of autonomous vehicles and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) applications. Guest blog written by Paul Miller

23rd October 2020
AI, 5G, and digital transformation experts join executive leadership team

Wind River has announced three new executive appointments: Cyra Richardson as Chief Product Officer, Michael Gale as Chief Marketing Officer, and Paul Miller as Chief Technology Officer. The new Executive Leadership Team members bring to the company decades of combined expertise in AI, 5G, and digital transformation.

9th October 2020
The importance of accelerated distributed computing for 5G

The multifaceted needs of a 5G network creates new requirements, like those for AI, IoT, and MEC applications, that legacy technology cannot meet. Due to 5G’s requirement to distribute compute nodes to 10’s of thousands of different sites to support the explosion of new connected devices, there is a fundamental mismatch to legacy virtualisation approaches.  Guest blog written by Jeff Gowan

20th August 2020
5G cyber security: addressing new security issues

This is a 4-part blog series on the main challenges facing 5G deployments and how you can solve them with the right tools. Part 1 focuses on building complex networks, part 2 is about keeping costs low, this post covers infrastructure requirements, part 3 covers infrastructure requirements, and this final post explains the need to address new 5G cyber security issues. Guest blog written by Paul Miller.

Aerospace & Defence
30th July 2020
Wind River accelerates cyber era for avionics

Wind River has announced that Wind River Linux has achieved conformance to the latest Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard, a standard of The Open Group. According to the company, Wind River Linux is the first and only General Purpose Profile (GPP) Operating System Segment (OSS) of any kind to conform to the FACE Technical Standard, Edition 3.0.

27th July 2020
Supporting ultra-low, deterministic latency in 5G

This is a 4-part blog series on the main challenges facing 5G deployments and how you can solve them with the right tools. Part 1 focuses on building complex networks, part 2 is about keeping costs low, this post covers infrastructure requirements, and part 4 explains the need to address new security issues. Guest blog written by Paul Miller.

20th July 2020
4G to 5G: How to keep operating expenses under control

As mentioned in part 1 of this blog series, 5G will require the deployment of significantly more hardware to increase density and meet network coverage requirements. As one might imagine, adding 20X or more pieces of hardware to a network generates significant operating expenses (OpEx). Guest blog written by Paul Miller.

10th July 2020
5G network challenges: how to build out complex networks

5G network challenges will be categorically more complex than anything currently in production. Many factors contribute to this situation. For one, 5G networks promise to be incredibly dense compared to 4G. A single standard 4G macrocell can serve an area of approximately 25 square kilometers, whereas, with 5G, it will take 20 or more cells, with their respective antennas and RAN hardware, to cover the same area. When 5G traffic goes indoors, the...

18th June 2020
Accelerating transformation for the industrial revolution

I have always been interested and somewhat fascinated by machines, especially the ones that are used to build other machines. I have good memories of my visits to an enormous foundry or a ship factory. This dates back 30 years when I was working in a machine shop as a high school senior. I loved the industrial saws used to cut 2” thick sheets of mica or the G-code programmed CNCs. Enough of this and back to the topic of the Fourth Industria...

5th June 2020
Exploring the biggest challenges for 5G deployment

5G promises exciting advances for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), but the 5G rollout is going to be challenging. CSPs must rapidly build out dense, low latency edge networks in ways that are affordable, secure, and easily maintainable. Guest blog written by Paul Miller.

26th May 2020
Surviving the frequency of open source vulnerabilities

In a previous post, I provided a retrospective on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and examined Wind River's four-step process to mitigate threats and achieve a strengthened security posture. In this post, I will contrast the learning’s of a 'roll your own' (RYO) Linux platform approach and illuminate some of the advantages for commercially supported Linux. Guest blog written by Glenn Seiler.

19th May 2020
COVID-19 triggers enterprises to accelerate transformation

Wind River has issued new research investigating how technology executives - specifically, C-suite leaders and senior executives in areas such as IoT, DevOps, security, and embedded development - from both the US and China are realigning their focus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence
13th May 2020
AIoT has a nice ring to it

The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is a relatively new term for the evolution of a domain Wind River has been playing in for a very long time. If we think of many of the first applications of Artificial Intelligence in connected devices, it is adding autonomy to previously human controlled systems. Guest blog written by Matt Jones.

27th April 2020
Digital Twins are hard... maybe that’s good!

Why hasn’t the practice of using a Digital Twin been more widely adopted? Simple; because it can be complicated to implement and costly to maintain. But, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. Guest blog written by Jeff Gowan.

14th April 2020
Duo team up to advance autonomous mining

Wind River has announced its collaboration with open-pit mining solutions provider, Beijing TAGE Idriver Technology (TAGE). The companies are teaming up on a software platform for the development of next-generation autonomous mining vehicles.

Cyber Security
9th April 2020
4 ways to secure your Linux-based system

The world is increasingly interconnected and a result of this is the exposure to security vulnerabilities has dramatically increased as well. The intricacies of maintaining today's Linux-based platforms make it very challenging for developers to cover every potential entry point. In 2019 there was an average of more than 45 CVEs logged per day.  Guest blog written by Glenn Seiler.

31st March 2020
DevOps challenges for embedded systems

Markets demand ever more complex systems and faster development cycles. Meanwhile, companies are facing a shortage of qualified embedded engineers and developers. Even if infinite budget were available, there simply aren’t enough people resources to get the work done when relying on traditional development methods. Guest blog written by Michel Genard

20th March 2020
Delivering the best Linux solutions for embedded markets

Fifteen years ago Wind River became a commercial Linux provider for the embedded industry. At the time it was driven by one of our largest Telecom customers making a transition from proprietary RTOS to open source and Linux. Guest blog written by Glenn Seiler

2nd March 2020
Designing embedded systems: why to use simulation

The rules of embedded system product development are changing. Virtual labs using hardware/simulation solutions like Wind River Simics allow developers, product designers, and testers to work in parallel with compressed time cycles. They can take advantage of faster and more agile methodologies like DevOps. Guest blog written by Sean Evoy, Wind River.

26th February 2020
Driving developer innovation at the intelligent edge

Wind River has introduced Wind River Labs, a new developer-focused, intelligent edge site where technologists can gain access to software projects, proof-of-concepts, open source integrations, experimental software, and new technologies. The site includes the first-ever freely available VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) software developer kit (SDK) for the developer community.

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