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Artificial Intelligence
13th May 2020
AIoT has a nice ring to it

The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is a relatively new term for the evolution of a domain Wind River has been playing in for a very long time. If we think of many of the first applications of Artificial Intelligence in connected devices, it is adding autonomy to previously human controlled systems. Guest blog written by Matt Jones.

27th April 2020
Digital Twins are hard... maybe that’s good!

Why hasn’t the practice of using a Digital Twin been more widely adopted? Simple; because it can be complicated to implement and costly to maintain. But, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. Guest blog written by Jeff Gowan.

14th April 2020
Duo team up to advance autonomous mining

Wind River has announced its collaboration with open-pit mining solutions provider, Beijing TAGE Idriver Technology (TAGE). The companies are teaming up on a software platform for the development of next-generation autonomous mining vehicles.

Cyber Security
9th April 2020
4 ways to secure your Linux-based system

The world is increasingly interconnected and a result of this is the exposure to security vulnerabilities has dramatically increased as well. The intricacies of maintaining today's Linux-based platforms make it very challenging for developers to cover every potential entry point. In 2019 there was an average of more than 45 CVEs logged per day.  Guest blog written by Glenn Seiler.

31st March 2020
DevOps challenges for embedded systems

Markets demand ever more complex systems and faster development cycles. Meanwhile, companies are facing a shortage of qualified embedded engineers and developers. Even if infinite budget were available, there simply aren’t enough people resources to get the work done when relying on traditional development methods. Guest blog written by Michel Genard

20th March 2020
Delivering the best Linux solutions for embedded markets

Fifteen years ago Wind River became a commercial Linux provider for the embedded industry. At the time it was driven by one of our largest Telecom customers making a transition from proprietary RTOS to open source and Linux. Guest blog written by Glenn Seiler

2nd March 2020
Designing embedded systems: why to use simulation

The rules of embedded system product development are changing. Virtual labs using hardware/simulation solutions like Wind River Simics allow developers, product designers, and testers to work in parallel with compressed time cycles. They can take advantage of faster and more agile methodologies like DevOps. Guest blog written by Sean Evoy, Wind River.

26th February 2020
Driving developer innovation at the intelligent edge

Wind River has introduced Wind River Labs, a new developer-focused, intelligent edge site where technologists can gain access to software projects, proof-of-concepts, open source integrations, experimental software, and new technologies. The site includes the first-ever freely available VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) software developer kit (SDK) for the developer community.

Tech Videos
18th February 2020
Winning at the 5G Edge with Wind River

Wind River software powers the majority of 5G RAN deployments today.

6th February 2020
The real-time operating system redefined

The world of embedded systems is undergoing a significant evolution, affecting the role of the real-time operating system (RTOS) and the design of applications that rely on determinism, ultra-reliability, and performance. By Michel Genard, Vice President Product at Wind River

3rd February 2020
Improve embedded system development with simulation

Many organisations rely on traditional embedded system development processes. These processes work fine – but ultimately prevents the organisation from advancing further. Relying on physical labs for testing and development holds back innovation and slows things down. Guest blog written by Sean Evoy, Wind River.

23rd January 2020
Embedded systems design process: how traditional methods hold you back

Embedded system software development and testing are often constrained by the availability of target hardware and related systemic elements like peripherals. This limitation, long viewed as an immutable rule of product development, slows down embedded systems businesses. Slow time to market; high capital and operating expenses (CapEx and OpEx); and suboptimal quality management leave customers unhappy. Plus, current methods only allow f...

17th January 2020
The business case for embedded system simulation

When embedded system software development and testing are constrained by the availability of target hardware and systems, the entire business faces problems. Guest blog written by Sean Evoy, Wind River.

Artificial Intelligence
15th January 2020
Wind River collaborates with Baidu on autonomous driving platform

Wind River has announced its collaboration with Baidu to develop an autonomous vehicle solution. A joint proof of concept has been developed to include an AUTOSAR Adaptive-based software architecture with Baidu’s Apollo autonomous driving open platform, designed to meet the specific challenges of the next generation of software-defined automobiles.

15th January 2020
StarlingX 3.0 with the new Distributed Cloud Architecture

The StarlingX project has launched their third release to provide a fully featured cloud for the distributed edge. StarlingX is a pilot project supported by the OpenStack Foundation that provides a complete cloud stack designed specifically for the challenges of deploying clouds at the edge. This includes the far edge or last mile, and such use cases as on premise clouds in factories, Industrial IoT, Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and vir...

10th January 2020
Practical applications for AI and ML in embedded systems

Embedded development is often driven by the need to deploy highly optimised and efficient systems. AI is positioned to disrupt businesses either by enabling new approaches to solving complex problems or threatening the status quo for whole business sectors or types of jobs. Guest blog written by Gareth Noyes.

8th January 2020
Open process automation PoC in the chemical industry

As we enter 2020, it's exciting to think about what technology trends will be gaining traction across the process industries. 2019 was a great year for technology innovation across the industry, so we expect (and hope) we'll be seeing things pick up where they left off on the technology front. Wind River had the privilege of attending the NAMUR annual general meeting late last year in Bad Neuenahr, Germany (NAMUR is a leading international associ...

2nd January 2020
Managing Windows 7 end of life for industrial systems

From oil and gas to heavy equipment and manufacturing, industrial systems rely on embedded devices that run on Windows 7. However, on January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will reach end-of-life and thus will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Running unsupported versions of Windows is incredibly risky because vulnerability to the latest security threats grows exponentially when the operating system is no longer receiving regular patches. Guest blo...

2nd January 2020
Virtualisation technology for embedded systems

Virtualisation technology has been used in enterprise IT operations for years, and it is now moving into the embedded systems market . It provides organisations with a solution to help transition their closed, purpose-built legacy systems into the modern world with new deployments that take a more fluid, software-defined, and connected approach. Guest blog written by Michel Genard, Wind River. 

16th December 2019
ACE-NIC100 accelerates 5G networks with Wind River Titanium Cloud

There is an increasing need for flexible cloud-based infrastructure and orchestration solutions to allow for dynamic placement of functions where and when they are needed. When it comes to the Telco edge, the gold standard for OpenStack-based virtualisation software platforms is Wind River Titanium Cloud. Titanium Cloud is an ultrareliable deployment-ready cloud platform, capable of handling the rigorous demands of telecommunications and cri...

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