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Cyber Security
6th November 2019
Stronger cyber security for embedded developers

Wind River has announced the release of its latest version of Wind River Simics. Using virtual platforms that can accurately model actual hardware, Simics allows functional simulation of any size system, from chips to the most complex system of systems, and creates a path for embedded developers to hone their continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices and develop a DevOps culture.

29th October 2019
High medical standard compliance for safety-critical RTOS

Wind River has announced IEC 62304 medical standard compliance for the latest release of VxWorks Cert Edition. The real-time operating system (RTOS) for safety-critical applications is designed and developed to the highest achievable safety levels accepted by worldwide certification authorities, and now includes a full suite of safety certification evidence across sectors, including automotive, avionics, industrial, and medical.

Tech Videos
24th October 2019
The next phase for autonomous cars

This video below an encore presentation from Arm TechCON 2019. 

24th October 2019
Transforming computing at the edge: continuing the StarlingX journey

StarlingX is a relatively new open source project - it was announced in May of 2018 and things have changed, grown and evolved very quickly. It is a very different project now than when we started for sure. Let's review the journey we've taken to get to the recent StarlingX 2.0 release. Guest blog written by Ian Jolliffe, Wind River.

24th October 2019
Virtualisation benefits: virtualisation for embedded systems

The latest connected technology trends are forcing old, closed, and purpose-built embedded systems to be modified or replaced. Older systems are giving way to new fluid, software-defined architectures. The critical component to this transition is virtualisation, which has been used in enterprise IT for years but is just making its way into the embedded systems world. It’s providing a way to improve support and modernisation for legacy syste...

18th October 2019
Securing the edge with StarlingX

Security on the edge is crucial. Learn more about how the StarlingX 2.0 release helps addressing this challenge. As we drive compute to the edge of the network many things change and become more interesting and new problems need to be solved. Guest blog written by Ian Joliffe, Wind River.

18th October 2019
Why the Thomas Cook collapse links to system desegregation

It’s hard to imagine how a strong brand like global travel group Thomas Cook, in business since 1841, could go south so quickly.  Its value proposition was proven and real, one-stop-shopping, all-inclusive vacations, great customer support. What happened? A few things actually. First, thanks to the internet and social network, people no longer need assistance from a travel agency to get ideas and deals for their vacations.  Guest...

9th October 2019
Seven cool things about the new VxWorks

Have you checked out the latest version of VxWorks? You really should. Wind River have announced that it is blazing trails to make the world’s leading real-time operating system (RTOS) even greater than before. Not only does the new VxWorks stay true to its four key pillars of security, safety, reliability, and certifiability, but it now includes a lot of cool features and capabilities that will appeal to software developers, both seas...

27th September 2019
VxWorks cert edition is now IEC 62304 compliant

VxWorks has been used in the medical device industry since the early days. The market leading safe, secure and reliable RTOS (real-time operating system) can be found in surgical robots, infusion pumps, dialysis machines, pace maker programmers, assisted ventilators, etc. When critical Class III devices are being developed, and lives are at stake, medical device manufacturers have turned to Wind River.  Guest blog written by Davide Ric...

27th September 2019
Building a path to DevOps through simulation

In an increasingly technical world, computer science knowledge comes at a premium, and strong programmers have become coveted members of the workforce. The reason why is simple: programming is important, but programming is hard. It requires a lot of skills, from the ability to creatively address problems to being able to organise your thoughts in a way that makes sense to a computer. Guest blog written by Ranjan Sikand, Wind River intern.

23rd September 2019
Why are containers a benefit for Industrial IoT?

Virtual machines and containers have been well-accepted by enterprise IT, but they are now moving into non-IT areas, such as industrial IoT edge devices. Both are tools that developers and system management use to take separate single applications or systems and consolidate multiple applications on to a single compute platform or server to optimise compute resources and save IT/OT costs.  Guest blog written by Ranjan Sikand, Wind ...

16th September 2019
Embedded systems: The evolution of embedded system design

Embedded systems design is evolving as businesses are under pressure to innovate faster than ever before. Legacy systems that were once purpose-built must be modernised or give way to new fluid and connected systems. Of course, the need for this transition didn’t happen overnight. Let’s review the history of embedded systems and how things have changed to drive this evolution. Guest blog written by Michel Genard, Wind River.&nbs...

5th September 2019
Linux reflections from a Wind River intern

This summer, a marketing intern by the name of Ranjan Sikand proved that Wind River Linux truly is accessible for use by all. That being said, when the opportunity arose for an intern to work with the leading free open source Linux in the embedded industry, it made perfect sense that of the team of four interns, Ranjan was the one for the job. Guest blog written by Jenna Camargo, Wind River Intern.

5th September 2019
VxWorks now has a pet snake

I guess this was an easy one: Snake… Python… Hmmm… Part 1: Just to make sure, the Python I am referring to is the simple and easy to learn programming language with the nice blue/yellow logo. Yes: Python is exciting. While my personal view did not come into play when I pulled the trigger on this investment, I do like Python a lot. I discovered it with Blender years ago and wrote my first Pyt...

30th August 2019
Virtualisation for embedded systems

New technological trends are forcing a change in the world of embedded systems. Legacy architectures must give way to a more fluid, software-defined, and connected approach. While virtualisation has been a common practice in enterprise IT for years, it is just making its way into the embedded systems market. A robust virtualisation solution will enable this transition and offer a way to run any embedded system, old or new, while supporting the se...

Aerospace & Defence
27th August 2019
Apollo 11: A future in space, thanks to our past

A chorus of alarms serenaded the nervous astronauts as the Eagle lunar module descended toward the moon’s surface. The tension was palpable, and the shrill ringing only added to their worries.  Guest blog written by Ranjan Sikand, Wind River Intern.

23rd August 2019
Where to start with auto high performance compute gateway?

There are 3 major trends in the automotive industry that demands higher performance compute in the car. The next generation vehicle requires CAE (Connectivity, Automation and Electrification). Consider the vehicle a kind of consumer device with the level of connectivity and security requirements of networking equipment as well as the functional safety and reliability requirements of industrial equipment. Guest blog written by Ty Kim, Wind River....

20th August 2019
5G moving from hype to reality

Recently we’ve seen a couple of interesting items on the topic of 5G. The first is, 'Ericsson Rides 5G Wave Across Asia, North America' from SDX Central. The article summarises some key points gleaned from a recent Ericsson earnings call with analysts.  Guest blog written by Jeff Gowan, Wind River.

7th August 2019
Commercial embedded Linux benefits: managing compliance

This is part three of a series on the main benefits of utilising a commercially-supported embedded Linux solution. Part one explained how you can get to market faster and part two outlined the long-term savings associated with commercial embedded Linux. Commercial embedded Linux is the solution of choice for many software developers working on embedded products. Guest blog written by Pavan Singh, Wind River.

31st July 2019
Commercial embedded Linux benefits: long term savings

Commercially-supported embedded Linux is the best choice for embedded systems. It provides organisations with the support they need to create customised solutions at a fraction of the cost of developing them on your own. This is the second part, in a series about the main benefits of utilising a commercially-supported embedded Linux solution. Part 1 explains how commercial embedded Linux helps you get to market faster and part...

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