TDK U.S.A. Corporation (TUC), a group company of TDK Corporation, was founded in 1981 and is based in Uniondale, New York. It is the Corporate Headquarters for North and South America.

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14th April 2020
Half brick DC-DC converter is for fixed installations

  Certified toEN 62477-1 (Over Voltage Category III) for fixed installations with a permanent connection to a distribution panel, the PH600A280‑24 DC/DC converter has been added to the PH-A280 series by TDK-Lambda.

2nd October 2019
DC/DC converter with EN 62477-1 (OVC III) certification

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand PH300A280-5 DC-DC converter, completing the PH-A280 series of 200 to 425V input 50 to 300W power modules. The new model is designed for data communications and renewable energy applications utilising 380V HVDC (High Voltage DC).

14th August 2019
Control loop technology simplifies modular power supply design

  According to TDK-Lambda, the control loop technology used in the latest SA power module results in 40% less through hole components and 42% less surface mount ones.

11th June 2019
What are the key features of the CM4 AC-DC power supplies?

Watch this video from TDK Lambda to learn about the key features of its new CM4 Single Output AC-DC power supplies.

16th April 2019
Key features of the CUS100ME medical AC/DC power supplies

This new video from TDK explains the key features of CUS100ME medical AC/DC power supplies.

24th January 2019
Compact AC/DC supplies have industrial and medical safety certifications

  AC/DC power supplies from TDK-Lambda are certified to the IEC 60601-1 medical safety standard as well as IEC 62368-1.  The GXE600 series of 600W convection-cooled supplies can be digitally programmed using an RS-485 interface (Modbus RTU protocol) or with a 0 to 6V external voltage. 

10th January 2019
Acquisition to expand presence in DIN rail power supply market

TDK Corporation has announced that TDK’s wholly-owned subsidiary TDK-Lambda Corporation has acquired Nextys, to which TDK-Lambda will make Nextys a wholly-owned subsidiary. Nextys designs and manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of DIN rail power supplies and accessories, which complement TDK-Lambda’s product portfolio.

24th September 2018
Portfolio has a medical focus

  A focus on quiet and safe power supplies for medical and industrial use will be highlighted at the TDK-Lambda stand at this year's electronica in Munich (13 - 15 November 2018).  

28th August 2018
120W and 240W DIN rail power supplies are 93% efficient

TDK has announced the introduction of two additional DRB DIN rail mount AC/DC power supplies, rated at 120W and 240W (144W/288W peak for 10 seconds). The products have a very narrow width, providing additional space for other DIN rail mount modules. Having efficiencies of 93%, less internal heat is generated resulting in cooler electrolytic capacitors a field life of greater than 7 years at 75% load, 230VAC input.

Around the Industry
23rd May 2018
Successful placement with local power supply manufacturer

Since TDK-Lambda UK hosted a successful six-week summer placement for local student Tom Perry, he has started a four-year course at the University of Oxford, reading a Master’s Degree in Physics, sponsored throughout by the North Devon Manufacturers Association (NDMA) undergraduate scheme and summer employment programme.

13th December 2017
AC/DC configurable power supply demo

This video from TDK-lambda talks about the new XMS 500W, Configurable, Class I or II AC/DC power supply which is suitable for home healthcare, hospital equipment, imaging, clinical diagnostic systems and industrial, test and measurement, communications equipment.

24th July 2017
300W output power modules suitable for use in data centres

New, higher power models have been added to TDK's PH-A280 series of high voltage input DC/DC converters. Capable of operating from 200-425VDC, these 300W output power modules are suitable for use in data centres, telecommunications and renewable energy applications utilising a 380V nominal high voltage DC bus. The four new models are rated at 12V 25A, 24V 12.5A, 28V 10.8A and 48V 6.3A. This extends the existing 50-150W PH-A280 product range ...

3rd June 2017
Modular AC/DC power supplies meet medical and broadcast certifications

Modular AC/DC power supplies in the QM series by TDK-Lambda, are low acoustic noise 700 to 1200W supplies carry both medical and industrial safety certifications, and can be used in applications such as BF-rated medical equipment, test and measurement, broadcast, communications and renewable energy.

25th May 2017
Compact 75VDC input EMC Filter is rated for 50A

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the RDEN-048050 48VDC nominal EMC filter rated at 50A. Enclosed in a compact metal case, the filter utilises stud terminals for ease of connection. Excluding the terminals, the filter measures just 90mm in length, 60mm in width and has a height of 30mm. Rated for a maximum voltage of 75VDC, the RDEN will operate at full rated current in ambient temperatures of -30 to +55°C, and with derating,...

24th May 2017
Programmable DC power supply series saves space and weight

The first model in a 1U, programmable DC power supply series has been introduced by TDK-Lambda. The Genesys+ 5kW output uses digital signal processing (DSP) to improve efficiency, said the company.

3rd May 2017
15W DC/DC converters have six-sided EMI shielding

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the CCG15 series of 15W DC/DC converters, packaged in a metal case providing six-sided shielding for reduced radiated EMI. The CCG15 has the industry standard 1x1" footprint, and can operate over a wide 4:1 input range. These converters are suitable for use in a large number of applications, including communications, industrial control, test and measurement, broadcast and portable battery powered equi...

3rd May 2017
35W triple output power supply simplifies system integration

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 35W rated CUT35 power supplies, requiring no minimum loading to maintain tight regulation specifications. In addition, output 1 is electrically isolated from outputs 2 and 3 through the use of a two independent converter topology, enabling the product to also be configured for dual output. This flexibility makes it suitable for use in a wide range of process control, broadcast, test & measurem...

4th April 2017
300W medical power supplies offer Class I or II inputs

TDK Corporation has announced the introduction of the DTM300 series of medically certified 300W external power supplies. Certified to the latest IEC 60601-1 & 60601-1-2 medical standards, the products have 4,000VAC isolation from input to output and are offered with either a Class I or Class II input.

4th April 2017
92% efficient 480W DIN rail supplies offer high power density

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 480W rated DRB480-24-1 DIN rail mount AC-DC power supply with a power density of 0.36W/cm3.  Featuring a narrow width, the DRB480 is ideally suited for enclosures and cabinets where space is at a premium.  With an average efficiency of greater than 87%, the DRB480 meets ErP standards.

28th February 2017
STEM support puts North Devon Academy in the fast lane

Engineers from TDK-Lambda UK supported a team of students from The Ilfracombe Academy with its entry to the international STEM competition, F1 in Schools. This is part of an extensive programme that TDK-Lambda engineers are engaged in to help promote, encourage and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to young people across the region.

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