TDK U.S.A. Corporation (TUC), a group company of TDK Corporation, was founded in 1981 and is based in Uniondale, New York. It is the Corporate Headquarters for North and South America.

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2nd April 2024
Christopher Haas appointed Managing Director of TDK-Lambda Germany

TDK has announced the appointment of Christopher Haas as Managing Director at TDK-Lambda Germany from 1st April 2024.

5th September 2023
TDK programmable power supply series extended

TDK Corporation has announced the introduction of 15kW and 22.5kW scalable power systems to the TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of high-power density programmable DC power supplies.

31st March 2023
DC/DC converter series expanded surface mount and through-hole models

TDK announces the introduction of 6 and 10W models to the TDK-Lambda CCG series of DC/DC converters, suitable for either through hole or surface mount placement.

27th March 2023
Powering cutting-edge medical equipment

Global healthcare issues include the COVID-19 pandemic, ageing populations, and staffing shortages in the medical field. Modern medical equipment and technologies provide substantial support for clinical procedures in such settings, and power supplies continue to provide dependable electrical energy.

24th January 2023
AC-DC power factor correction module offers up to 1512W

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand PF1500B-360 full brick power module, capable of providing up to 1512W.

10th January 2023
70W and 160W external AC-DC power adapters

TDK Corporation announces the addition of the TDK-Lambda brand DTM70 and DTM160 series to the DTM family of compact medical and industrial AC-DC power adapters that are available in various power classes from 36W to 300W.

7th December 2022
TDK Lambda adds six new models to the 7.5kW GENESYS+ series

TDK Corporation has announced the introduction of six new models to the 7.5kW TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of high power density programmable DC power supplies.

6th December 2022
Why use fast response programmable power supplies in automotive testing?

The market size for global automotive electronics manufacturing was valued at USD 217.86 billion for 2020 . Despite supply chain issues and uncertain markets, it is anticipated to register a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8% for several more years.

23rd November 2022
1U high modular power supply delivers up to 800W

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand 1U high MU4 series of AC-DC modular power supplies.

5th October 2022
30 to 75W DC-DC converters for industrial and rail applications

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 30-75W TDK-Lambda brand PYQ series of DC DC converters. The PYQ50 with 30-50W output power features a 12:1 ultra-wide input range of 14 to 160Vdc, and the PYQ75 with 75W an 8:1 input of 9 to 75Vdc.

1st December 2021
Medical and industrial power supplies have 300W convection rating

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 500W rated TDK-Lambda brand CUS500M1 series of AC-DC power supplies.

20th September 2021
TDK Announces SFL Series 300W and 1,000W Programmable Electronic DC Loads

The SFL Series incorporates high-speed current feedback control to eliminate load current overshoot and oscillation to generate a stable and predictable load waveform. The technology is capable of operating in seven different load modes and four operating modes, and this flexibility allows the user to perform up to seventeen different types of load tests on DC power supplies, fuel cells, solar cells, batteries, and other components.

6th August 2021
The changing technology of DC/DC converter design and manufacture

Changes in DC/DC converter technology have introduced new materials, digital control and smaller form factors, explains Lars Foerster, DC/DC business development manager, EMEA, TDK-Lambda

13th April 2021
Reviewing power supply IEC 62368-1 safety reports

The choice of power supply is an important decision to make during the development of new electrical or electronic equipment. Many engineers rely solely on the manufacturer’s datasheet and price, which can lead to incorrect installation, delays during the safety submittal process and poor field reliability  

2nd October 2020
Energy efficient medical 30W wall mount power supplies

TDK has  introduced of the WMM30 series of 25 to 30W medical wall mount power supplies. Certified to the medical safety standards IEC 60601-1 and EN 60601-1-11 and compliant to EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4 for EMC, the products have a Class II input requiring no earth ground. The WWM30 also meets the EU Tier 2 ((EU) 2019/1782) and DoE Level VI efficiency standards.

18th September 2020
TDK-Lambda announces £11.5m investment to redevelop manufacturing facility

TDK Corporation has announced an £11.5m investment package to redevelop its TDK-Lambda manufacturing facility in Ilfracombe, UK. The investment, which will be staged over the next three and a half years, will enable the company to increase production capacity by 50%.

7th May 2020
Range of models for TDK programmable DC power supplies

TDK Corporation has announced the introduction of three zero to 200V, 19” wide, rack mount, programmable DC power supplies. These most recent additions to the TDK‑Lambda brand GENESYS+ series are available with output power levels of 5kW, 10kW and 15kW.

23rd April 2020
ModBUS-TCP interface added to DC power supply

TDK has announced the introduction of a ModBUS-TCP interface option to the GENESYS+ series of programmable DC power supplies. The option is available on all models ranging from the 1U high half rack GH1.5kW to the 3U high full rack GSP15kW.

14th April 2020
Half brick DC-DC converter is for fixed installations

  Certified toEN 62477-1 (Over Voltage Category III) for fixed installations with a permanent connection to a distribution panel, the PH600A280‑24 DC/DC converter has been added to the PH-A280 series by TDK-Lambda.

2nd October 2019
DC/DC converter with EN 62477-1 (OVC III) certification

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand PH300A280-5 DC-DC converter, completing the PH-A280 series of 200 to 425V input 50 to 300W power modules. The new model is designed for data communications and renewable energy applications utilising 380V HVDC (High Voltage DC).

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